Bushnell Legend Binoculars

Tested the Bushnell Legend HD 8x42s on one of my trips to Bright (Victoria) for some birdwatching. I love enjoyed the clarity and well tuned focus dial. One of the positives about this pair is the brightness it produces in the foresty, low light areas. The Bushnell Legend Ultra gave me a bright and three-dimensional picture with a good punch in colour, while the Bushnell Trophy XLT gave me a less contrasty and less bright image.

This added brightness in the Legends can most likely be attributed to the ED (Extra Low Dispersion) glass elements. For a serious birdwatcher, I highly recommend getting an ED binoculars  for an enjoyable hour or two more of observation at sunrise or sunset times.

More on the Bushnell Legend Binoculars here.

Bushnell Legend Binoculars

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