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Celestron's First Smart Telescope - The Origin

The Future of Astrophotography The Celestron Origin – a revolutionary smart home observatory that reshapes astrophotography. This ingenious telescope captures breathtaking glimpses of elusive deep-sky objects and transmits them to […]

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A Guide to Astronomy Filters, Sizes and Mounting Options

If you have a telescope and want to enhance your night-time observations, there are tools and techniques you can use. One approach involves using Astronomy filters, which are important accessories […]

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Key Dates

JULY 21, 2024
Full Moon

JULY 24, 2024
Pluto at opposition

JULY 25, 2024
Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn
Mercury at the highest altitude in the evening sky
Conjunction of the Moon and Neptune
JULY 28, 2024
Moon at Last Quarter
Piscus Austrinid Meteor Shower 2024
JULY 29, 2024
Southern δ-Aquarid Meteor Shower 2024
α-Capricornid Meteor Shower 2024
JULY 30, 2024
Conjunction of the Moon and Mars
JULY 31, 2024
Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter
JUNE 27, 2024
June Bootid meteor shower 2024
AUGUST 4, 2024
New Moon
AUGUST 6, 2024
Conjunction of the Moon and Venus
Conjunction of Venus and Mercury

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