1.25-inch Telescope Eyepiece Extension Tube - 40mm

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Unlock Greater Magnification with a 1.25" Telescope Extension Tube.

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    This precision-crafted extension tube seamlessly integrates with your 1.25" eyepieces, allowing you to achieve higher magnifications without compromising image quality.

    Extend the focal point for a closer look at celestial objects, revealing intricate details you might have missed before.

    Engineered to minimize light loss and distortion, ensuring crisp and clear views at increased magnification.

    Effortlessly slides between your telescope focuser and eyepiece for quick and convenient magnification adjustments.

    Maximize the potential of your telescope with a 1.25" extension tube and explore the wonders of the cosmos in greater detail!


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    Product Code: OC-1.25INCH-EP-40

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