12V Dew Heater Strip - For 80mm OTA

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Dew heater strip for an 80mm OTA

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    This dew heater strip is a thin and a flexible band powered by a 12V DC source that help prevent dew from forming on your telescope's optics. Dew forms when moisture condenses on surfaces that are cooler than the surrounding air. During nighttime observations, telescopes can quickly become chilled, creating a perfect environment for dew to accumulate. This dew can fog up your lenses and mirrors, ruining your observing session.

    Here's how 12V dew heater strips work:

    •Attach easily: These strips typically have velcro or elastic straps that allow them to be wrapped securely around your telescope tube or other optical components, like eyepieces or secondary mirrors.

    •Low-power heating: When plugged into a 12V DC power source (often a battery pack), the strip gently heats the telescope surface. This warmth is enough to raise the temperature slightly above the dew point, preventing moisture condensation.

    •Sized for different needs: Dew heater strips come in various lengths to fit telescopes of different diameters. Some manufacturers even offer dedicated strips for eyepieces and secondary mirrors.

    Benefits of using dew heater strips:

    •Maintain clear views: By preventing dew formation, you can ensure uninterrupted observing throughout the night.

    •Protect your equipment: Excess moisture can damage telescope components over time.

    •Easy to use: These strips are simple to attach and operate, making them a convenient solution for dew control.

    Things to consider when choosing a 12V dew heater strip:

    •Size: Ensure the strip is long enough to wrap comfortably around your telescope tube.

    •Power consumption: Match the strip's wattage to your power source capacity.

    •Controller: Some strips come with built-in controllers for adjusting heat output, while others require a separate dew heater controller for optimal use.

    With a 12V dew heater strip, you can keep your telescope fog-free and enjoy a clear view of the night sky!

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