2-inch to M48 Nosepiece

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An adapter to allow a camera to be connected to a 2" focuser.

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    Do you need to attach a camera (either a DSLR with a t-ring or a CMOS) to a 2" focuser, while also being able to use a 2" filter such as a light pollution filter? This you need this.

    On one end of the adapter is a standard 2-inch barrel, like you'd find in a large eyepiece. The other end of the adapter is an M48 (48x0.75mm) male thread. You will need a M48-M42 stepdown, and then your t-ring or ZWO camera will connect straight onto the telescope. The 2" filter you can then thread into the end of the 2" barrel, as you would with an eyepiece.

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