Affiliate Program with Astronomical Societies

Affiliate Program with Astronomical Societies

Our newly launched affiliate program is designed to support the activities organized by Astronomy Societies in Australia. Telescopes and binoculars are often used for these activities and we understand that astronomical equipment can be costly. With this program, Astronomy Societies can benefit from gaining a 5% store credit from every member's purchase,  and the accumulated credits used to aquire items from OpticsCentral. 

Affiliate Progam Information

  • When purchasing from OpticsCentral, members of the Astronomical Society will need to key in the coupon code that was given to each society.
  • Purchases can be made at anytime by calling OpticsCentral.
  • There is no miminum order and no limit on items.
  • For every purchase processed by a member, 5% from the total amount (excluding shipping)  will be credited to the society.
  • There is no expiration on store credits. 
  • OpticsCentral will keep track on the society's store credit balance.

For futher questions, please contact 1300 884 763. 



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