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The Antlia 50mm Filter Slider is a removable filter tray that enables you to dock 50mm unmounted filters into the Antlia Filter Drawer Main Body (Sold separately). The Filter Slider seamlessly integrates with the Antlia Filter Drawer system.

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    The modular Antlia Filter Drawer system offers unparalleled adaptability and customisation, comprised of three core components:

    Main body base: This forms the foundation, providing a stable platform with a 20mm optical length for optimal image capture.

    Telescope adapter: This crucial component bridges the gap between the filter drawer and your telescope, ensuring a secure and aligned connection for precise results.

    Camera adapter (sold separately): This adapter connects your camera to the main body base using four strategically placed grub screws, guaranteeing a stable and vibration-free connection during even the most demanding astrophotography sessions.

    Uncompromising quality is paramount in the Antlia Filter Drawer system. All components are meticulously crafted from high-grade, aircraft-aluminum, renowned for its exceptional durability and longevity. This robust material selection ensures your filter drawer system can withstand the rigors of astrophotography, while CNC machining and anodizing processes guarantee a precise fit and a smooth, corrosion-resistant finish.

    For the ultimate in customization, each component of the Antlia Filter Drawer System is sold separately, allowing you to tailor the system to your specific needs and budget. Whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or just starting out, the Antlia Filter Drawer system empowers you to create stunning astrophotography images with ease.

    Antlia: Experts in Astronomy Filters

    Antlia Astronomy Filters are built by Deep-Sky Photography Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts of Astrophotography all around the globe. Antlia prides itself on producing a series of exceptional quality, fully multicoated narrowband, dual-band, planetary and LRGB filters for astrophotography, designed for use with a range of monochrome and colour DSLR, CMOS and CCD cameras.

    Product Code: ANT-B-50

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