Antlia Dual Band Golden Filter Hb & SII - 2"

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The Antlia Dual Band Golden Hb and Sii filter is designed for colour cameras in heavy light pollution. Isolates nebulae in Sii and H-beta with 5nm bands.

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    Conquer challenging environments:

    • Designed specifically for colour cameras battling against light pollution, this filter's 5nm bandwidth isolates specific nebulae emissions (Sii and H-beta) with remarkable precision. Good contrast and detail emerge, even under urban skies plagued by artificial lights.

    • Bring your astrophotography to new heights by combining this filter with the Antlia ALP-T Ha & Oiii filter. Unlock the awe-inspiring Hubble Palette, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of our universe in captivating detail.

    Uncompromising performance:

    • Achieve the clarity you deserve with an impressive optical density of 4.5, effectively blocking unwanted light and maximizing your signal-to-noise ratio. Capture the faintest nebulas with confidence.

    • No more struggling with halos! This filter boasts exceptional halo suppression, ensuring breathtaking images of celestial objects nestled near dazzling stars.

    • Embrace light-polluted environments with confidence. The filter effectively blocks artificial light sources like mercury vapor lamps and sodium vapor lights, along with the natural skyglow caused by neutral oxygen emission.

    Engineered for excellence:

    • Experience exceptional transmission: over 90% for Sii and 85% for H-beta, ensuring optimal signal capture. Even fast optics (f/3) are compatible, expanding your creative possibilities.

    • This versatile filter has a 5nm bandpass and an optical density of 4.5 across the 300-1100nm range, making it a valuable asset for your astrophotography.

    Unleash your creative potential:

    • Capture breathtaking Hubble Palette images by seamlessly combining data captured with this filter and the ALP-T H-alpha & Oiii filter. You will notice this gives you some vibrant colours.

    • To push the boundaries further, Antlia incorporates an edge-blackening coating, strategically suppressing stray light and internal reflections for even greater image clarity.

    • Each filter undergoes rigorous individual testing, ensuring consistently high-quality testing. Enjoy seamless switching between filters without refocusing.


    A reminder, always remember to NEVER look at the sun through this filter, as serious eye damage can occur.

    Antlia: Experts in Astronomy Filters

    Antlia Astronomy Filters are built by Deep-Sky Photography Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts all around the globe. Antlia prides itself on producing a series of exceptional quality, fully multicoated narrowband, dual-band, planetary and LRGB filters for astrophotography, designed for use with a range of monochrome and colour DSLR, CMOS and CCD cameras.

    Product Code: ANT-ALP-T2-HbSII


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