Antlia Dual Band Visual OIII & Hb Filter - 1.25"

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The Antlia Dual Band visual Oiii and Hb filter enables you to see emission nebulae, planetary nebulae and supernova remnants in heavily light-polluted skies!

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    The Antlia H-Beta and OIII filter presents a potent tool for astronomers seeking to delve into the wonders of the night sky, even under light-polluted conditions. This versatile filter caters to both visual observation and astrophotography, empowering you to witness phenomena previously hidden or obscured.

    Some of the objects that you can see:

    • Emission Nebulae: The Veil Nebula or the breathtaking Lagoon Nebula.
    • Planetary Nebulae: The Ring Nebula's delicate ring to the Cat's Eye Nebula's intricate structure.
    • Supernova Remnants: The Veil Nebula or Cassiopeia A.


    • Superior Transmission: Capture over 90% of light at crucial wavelengths (OIII and H-Beta), ensuring optimal brightness and detail.
    • Exquisite Contrast: Achieve exceptional contrast by effectively blocking unwanted light pollution, moonlight, and skyglow
    • Impeccable Clarity: Edge-blackening technology minimizes stray light and reflections, delivering razor-sharp views.
    • Parfocal Design: Seamlessly switch between filters without requiring refocusing, maximizing observing efficiency.
    • Astrophotography Ready: Capture stunning color images compatible with your astrophotography setup.
    • Unwavering Quality: Each filter undergoes rigorous individual testing to ensure peak performance.

    A Note of Caution: Never use this filter, or any filter for that matter, to observe the sun directly. Permanent eye damage may occur.

    Passing band H-b, OIII
    Glass thickness

    2.0 mm ±0.05

    Optical flatness

    1/4 λ (wavefront)

    Bandpass transmission >90%
    Off-band transmission OD4 @ 300-1000 nm
    Coating Double-sided multilayer nano-coating
    Surface quality 60/40 (in accordance with US military watch MIL-O-13830)
    Parallelism 30"

    Antlia: Experts in Astronomy Filters

    Antlia Astronomy Filters are built by Deep-Sky Photography Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts all around the globe. Antlia prides itself on producing a series of exceptional quality, fully multicoated narrowband, dual-band, planetary and LRGB filters for astrophotography, designed for use with a range of monochrome and colour DSLR, CMOS and CCD cameras.

    Product Code: ANT-HB-OIII1.25

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