Antlia Edge OIII 4.5nm Narrowband Filter - 36mm

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The Antlia Edge OIII 36mm narrowband filter has a narrow bandpass of 4.5nm that allows it to isolate Oxygen emission lines from nebulae and other celestial objects. This results in higher contrast and signal-to-noise ratio in your images, allowing you to capture more detail. 

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    For astrophotographers seeking exceptional value and performance, the Antlia O-III 4.5nm Edge filter stands as a compelling option. This filter strikes a perfect balance between superior light transmission and affordability, allowing you to capture breathtaking deep-sky wonders without breaking the bank.

    Unveiling Faint Nebular Details:

    At its core, the filter has a razor-sharp 4.5nm bandpass, which acts like a laser, isolating specific emissions from nebulae rich in doubly ionized oxygen (O-III). This targeted approach dramatically increases the signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in high-contrast images where wispy nebulas emerge from a backdrop of inky black skies.

    Pushing the Limits of Performance:

    Beyond its selectivity, the filter excels in transmitting over 85% of the crucial O-III emission line (500.7nm). This ensures that even the faintest nebular structures are captured with exquisite detail, allowing you to delve deeper into the cosmos with each exposure.

    Uncompromising Quality, Seamless Experience:

    Each filter undergoes rigorous individual testing to guarantee adherence to strict quality standards. The tight tolerances of the filter substrate also ensure parfocality, meaning you can switch between filters without the hassle of refocusing making streamlined imaging sessions.

    Compatibility Across Diverse Systems:

    Whether you're utilizing a fast refractor or a powerful RASA setup, the Antlia O-III 4.5nm Edge filter has you covered. Blue-shift data confirms its compatibility with most systems down to f/3, minimizing signal loss and ensuring optimal performance even with hyperfast optics.

    Simplifying Your Workflow:

    For streamlined astrophotography, the filter acts as a one-stop solution. By effectively blocking both ultraviolet and infrared light, it eliminates the need for separate IR-cut filters, saving you time and simplifying your setup.

    With its exceptional light transmission, meticulous design, and versatile compatibility, the Antlia O-III 4.5nm Edge filter empowers you to unlock the hidden wonders of the universe with confidence and clarity



    Passing band 4.5 nm (FWHM)
    Glass thickness

    2.0 mm ±0.05

    Optical flatness

    1/4 λ (wavefront)

    Bandpass transmission 85%
    Off-band transmission OD5 @ 300-1050 nm
    Coating Double-sided multilayer nano-coating
    Surface quality 60/40 (in accordance with US military watch MIL-O-13830)
    Parallelism <30"
    Glass type Monolithic optical substrate (non glued)
    Filter size Mounted 1.25", 2", Unmounted 31mm, 36mm, 50mm round


    Important Safety Note: Never attempt to observe the sun with this filter. Doing so can result in irreversible eye damage.

    Antlia: Experts in Astronomy Filters

    Antlia Astronomy Filters are built by Deep-Sky Photography Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts of Astrophotography all around the globe. Antlia prides itself on producing a series of exceptional quality, fully multicoated narrowband, dual-band, planetary and LRGB filters for astrophotography, designed for use with a range of monochrome and colour DSLR, CMOS and CCD cameras.

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