Antlia M42 x 0.75 Telescope Adapter

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The Antlia M42 x 0.75 telescope adapter is a valuable addition to your astrophotography toolkit, allowing you to seamlessly connect the Antlia Filter Drawer to telescopes or other equipment featuring M42 x 0.75 threads. 

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    The core of the Antlia Filter Drawer system is the main body base, with a 20mm optical length. This component acts as the foundation for the system, allowing you to add the other parts based on your needs.

    To connect the filter drawer to your telescope, you'll utilize the telescope adapter. This essential piece bridges the gap between your imaging equipment and the filter drawer, ensuring a stable and secure connection for astrophotography applications.

    For capturing stunning celestial images with your camera, the camera adapter comes into play. It connects seamlessly to the filter drawer, allowing you to integrate your camera into the system for capturing breathtaking astronomical objects.

    All components of the Antlia Filter Drawer system are meticulously crafted from high-grade aircraft aluminum, renowned for its strength and durability. Additionally, they undergo a CNC-machining process for precise dimensions and an anodized finish for enhanced resistance to corrosion and wear, guaranteeing their longevity in even demanding environments.

    Remember, each element of the Antlia Filter Drawer System is sold separately. This allows you to customize the system to your specific needs and equipment, ensuring a versatile and adaptable astrophotography setup.


    Antlia: Experts in Astronomy Filters

    Antlia Astronomy Filters are built by Deep-Sky Photography Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts of Astrophotography all around the globe. Antlia prides itself on producing a series of exceptional quality, fully multicoated narrowband, dual-band, planetary and LRGB filters for astrophotography, designed for use with a range of monochrome and colour DSLR, CMOS and CCD cameras.

    Product Code: ANT-T-42

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