Astronomy 2022

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    The three authors of the yearbooks: Glenn Dawes, Peter Northfield and Ken Wallace design their annual publication with the mindset of having something for everyone, from the basic novice astronomer to an advanced amateur astronomer. With this book and a good Planisphere (Star Disc), you are ready to be the captain and navigate your own way through the stars!

    The first yearbook was produced in 1991, and they have continued to produce this almanac every year since.



    • Easy to use sky maps, designed specifically for Australia
    • The best times to observe the planets
    • Beginner friendly Moon map
    • Where to find comets
    • When to see shooting stars
    • Amateur astronomical societies
    • Easy to read monthly rise and set charts
    • Realistic drawings to easily identity the planets from the stars. 



    About Quasar Publishing

    Quasar Publishing has been producing yearbooks since 1991. Astronomy 2021, the 31st edition, continues with the high standard established over the years. The authors have many years experience in observational astronomy, astronomical publications, public education and the amateur astronomical community. In 2009 the Astronomical Society of NSW awarded the authors McNiven Medals for excellence in astronomy.


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