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Astronomy Night Sky Guide 2016


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The Astronomy Night Sky Guide 2016 by Quasar Publishing has everything you need to understand the night sky. If you have, in your lifetime, wondered about the objects you see in the sky and what they are, this book is for you. No knowledge of astronomy is needed to use this publication. No telescope either. five of the planets are easily visible to the unaided eye. Just look up! 

This publication is now outdated. The Astronomy Night Sky Guide 2018 is now available for purchase here

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"From its humble beginnings in the 1990 to the splendid edition you hold today, the Yearbook has always been the oustanding Australian guide to the night sky. It's perfect reference for newcomers and seasoned observers alike."

-Fred Watson, Australian Astronomical Observatory



  • Easy to use sky maps, designed for Australia
  • The best times to observe the planets
  • Beginner friendly Moon map
  • Where to find comets
  • When to see shooting stars
  • Amateur astronomcal societies
  • Easy to read monthly rise and set charts
  • Drawings to easily identity the plaents from the stars. 


About Quasar Publishing
Quasar Publising has been producing yearbooks since 1991. Astronomy 2016, the 26th edition, continues with the high standared established over the years. The authors have many years experience in observational astronomy, astronomical publications, public education and the amateur astronomical community. In 2009 the Astronomical Society of NSW awarded the authors McNiven Medals for excellence in astronomy. 

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