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Astrovisual's Astronomy Calendar 2017 follows a new and improved format, featuring high-resolution astrophotography from the David Malin Award winners, with all the useful resources such as moon phase maps and star charts. For all astronomy enthusiasts, this is a quirky, informative and resourceful calendar that will keep you aware of what's going around in the Night Sky.
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    The Astrovisual Astronomy Calendar 2017 is an easy-to-use nightly calendar filled with useful dates, star maps and much more to keep you informed of important key celestial dates. For the first time ever, the Astronomy Calendar 2017 also features the winning photographs from the David Malin Awards, such as Troy Casswell's Smilin' Orion and Neil Creek's Milky Way Over Bonnie Doon. 

    The calendar provides a nightly guide to what’s visible in the sky, including moon phases, planetary positions, eclipses, lunar occultations, conjunctions and meteor showers. 

    It includes a summary of the year indicating the best times to view the planets. 

    Calendar features nightly moon phases and Monthly Star maps and is 23 x 33cm in size, opening to 46 x33cm.

    Maps have been designed for 25° to 45° south latitude.

    Other Features:

    • Additional Star Maps show the planets in the pre-dawn and post-sunset sky, especially showing interesting conjunctions of the planets with the Moon.
    • Details about the Lunar occultations for the year.
    • Daily reminders of eclipses, conjunctions, and meteor showers.
    • "Red letter days" remind of the most notable events of the year.

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