Athlon Binoculars Case with Harness and Magnetic Closure

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Athlon Optics

The Athlon Optics Binoculars Case with Harness and Magnetic Closure offers a convenient way to carry your binoculars.


- Lightweight, Weatherproof Construction

- Magnetic Closure allows for efficient, single-hand use

- Comfortable & Secure Binocular Strap with Multiple Neck / Shoulder Adjustment Points to Alleviate Neck Strain & Fatigue

- Allows for a Full Range of Motion

- Suitable for Most Binoculars

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    Protect your binoculars with ease.

    The Athlon Optics Binoculars Case with Harness and Magnetic Closure is a lightweight Binocular Harness, weatherproofed to protect your binoculars from the elements.

    It's also incredibly comfortable, with the integrated neck strap that you can adjust to your liking through the multiple neck & shoulder adjustment points. When properly adjusted, the harness allows for a full range of motion and prevents sag and bounce, even when crawling or running.

    This particular model features a Magnetic Closure mechanism by Athlon, giving you easy access to your binoculars - whenever they're needed.

    Stay undetected with the Athlon Optics Binoculars Case.


    Athlon Optics - Ridiculously Good Optics

    Athlon Optics is a sports optics company founded in the United States. The brand's philosophy is to share their love of the outdoors by devoting their time to designing and delivering superior quality sports optics and outdoor accessories. With products derived from the latest, cutting-edge technology, Athlon never fails to deliver a well-priced, well-performing product.

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