Baader 5.0 OD AstroSolar Telescope Filter for 100mm Telescopes

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Baader AstroSolar Safety Film Filters are diffraction-limited solar neutral density filters encased in a temperature-compensated cell. This design ensures extreme safety and protection against the typical stresses solar films endure while maintaining excellent optical quality across a wide temperature range from -30°C to +50°C.

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    This AstroSolar filter enables safe solar observation and photography with telescopes having apertures between 90-110mm, as well as camera lenses. Velcro safety straps, pads, and large centering bolts with rubber grips are included to securely attach the filters to your telescope. The bolt slots feature printed index scales for fast and repeatable adjustment. The white outer ring rejects infrared light and has raised edges along the inner and outer circumferences to protect the film.

    The film itself is repeatedly cemented onto an injection-molded ring, with a substrate that has the same thermal expansion properties as the AstroSolar Filter material. This free-floating film-carrier ring is held onto the aluminium frame with a fibre-reinforced plastic holding ring for maximum security against cell breakage. The aluminum frame has a cutout on one side to facilitate use with binoculars.

    Included are two sets of 38mm-long centering bolts (three 10mm diameter and three 20mm diameter), along with three safety straps with glue-on pads.

    *Please ensure to read the instructions carefully when attaching and using any AstroSolar Filters for safe use.

    Telescope Size Guide 

    SKI Filter Size Suited Aperture Range Aperture Outer Cell Diameter Net Weight Clamping Range
    Inner Diameter  Outer Diameter
    With 10mm Bolt  With 20mm Bolt WIth 10mm Bolt With 20mm Bolt 
    BAA-2459310 80mm 70mm - 90mm 80mm 170mm 139g 130mm - 160mm 140mm - 170mm 110mm - 140mm  100mm - 130mm
    BAA-2459311 100mm 90mm - 100mm 100mm 190mm 150g 150mm - 180mm 160mm - 190mm 130mm - 160mm 120mm - 150mm
    BAA-2459312 120mm 110mm - 130mm 120mm 210mm 155g 170mm - 200mm 180mm - 210mm 150mm - 180mm 140mm - 170mm
    BAA-2459313 140mm 130mm - 150mm 140mm 230mm 173g 190mm - 220mm 200mm - 230mm 170mm - 200mm 160mm - 190mm
    BAA-2459314 160mm 150mm - 170mm 160mm 250mm 184g 210mm - 240mm 220mm - 250mm 190mm - 220mm 180mm - 210mm 
    BAA-2459315 180mm 170mm - 190mm 180mm 270mm 195g 230mm - 260mm 240mm - 270mm 210mm - 240mm 200mm - 230mm
    BAA-2459316 200mm 190mm - 210mm 200mm 290mm 207g 250mm - 280mm  260mm - 290mm 230mm - 260mm 220mm - 250mm
    BAA-2459317 240mm 230mm - 250mm 240mm 330mm 230g 290mm - 320mm 300mm - 330mm 270mm - 300mm 260mm - 290mm
    BAA-2459318 280mm 280mm - 290mm 280mm 370mm 253g 330mm - 360mm 340mm - 370mm 310mm - 340mm 300mm - 330mm


    Baader Planetarium

    Baader Planetarium is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality astronomical equipment such as telescope and camera adapters, filters, eyepieces, and laser collimators. Their products are distinguished by their exceptional quality and innovation, which has earned them the admiration of both amateur and professional astronomers.
    Their unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service and support has helped them establish a loyal customer base worldwide.
    With a team of skilled engineers and technicians, Baader Planetarium continues to pioneer new and innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of the astronomy community.

    Product Code: BAA-2459311

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