Baader Neodymium and IR Cut Filter - 2-inch

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The Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglow Filter unveils intricate planetary surface details, enhances galaxy and nebula viewing, and acts as a selective contrast enhancer.

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    Crafted from neodymium, one of the rarest elements on Earth, the Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglow Filter delivers exceptional planetary imaging capabilities. This filter excels at enhancing surface details, enabling you to capture exquisite images of the Moon, Mars' intricate terrain, and Jupiter's iconic Great Red Spot.

    Boasting a remarkable light transmission rate exceeding 95% within select wavebands, this filter permits an abundant influx of light while effectively mitigating light pollution. Moreover, it reduces glare without sacrificing the natural colours of the celestial objects in view, thanks to its advanced multi-layered coatings.

    The Baader Neodymium Filter is not only durable but also a stellar performer for observing and imaging planets, galaxies, and nebulae in stunning detail.

    Key Features:

    - Unveils intricate planetary surface details (Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc.)
    - Enhances galaxy and nebula viewing experience
    - Acts as a selective contrast enhancer
    - Reduces glare for improved visibility
    - Selectively transmits over 95% of light within specific wavebands


    Baader Planetarium is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality astronomical equipment such as telescope and camera adapters, filters, eyepieces, and laser collimators. Their products are distinguished by their exceptional quality and innovation, which has earned them the admiration of both amateur and professional astronomers.
    Their unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service and support has helped them establish a loyal customer base worldwide.
    With a team of skilled engineers and technicians, Baader Planetarium continues to pioneer new and innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of the astronomy community.

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