Starter Reflector Telescopes

If you are looking at a hassle free, simple set-up telescope to gift to someone, I would recommend the Saxon 767AZ Telescope. It is a 76mm telescope with a focal […]

Moon Maps

Our digital society makes astronomy quite foolproof and streamlined with software and smartphone apps that tell us what we can see from our exact geo-location. I’m a lazy astronomer by […]

Spotting Scopes or Refractors?

You want an optical instrument that can help you get a closer view of the beach. Apart from binoculars, what ground standing gear can you use? You won’t be limited […]

Celestron Nexstar SE Review

The Celestron NexStar SE series of telescopes in an excellent novice to intermediate level telescope for both stargazing and astrophotography. The portable 6-inch, 30-pound Schimidt-Cassegrain telescope comes with everything you […]

Dobosnian Telescopes in a nutshell

The first steps for anyone wishing to start out in astronomy would be seeking out a new instrument to help him observe the night sky better. A search into telescopes […]