Celestron’s First Smart Telescope – The Origin

Origin Telescope Main Image
Celestron Origin – Photo Credit: Celestron

The Future of Astrophotography

The Celestron Origin – a revolutionary smart home observatory that reshapes astrophotography. This ingenious telescope captures breathtaking glimpses of elusive deep-sky objects and transmits them to your handheld device. Within seconds, you will find that you are seeing breathtaking images take form on your handheld device.
Astrophotography has suddenly come into the realm of the beginner.
In some cases, this telescope offers significantly better results than other telescopes.

Origin Telescope with iPhone
Celestron Origin Smart Telescope
Photo credit: Celestron

Shaping Tomorrow’s Vision:

Using RASA’s well-renowned optics

Celestron Telescope (Front image)
The RASA telescope
Photo credits: Celestron

The Origin uses a 6” Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) optical design that places it in a class by itself. With its large aperture and fast f/2.2 focal ratio, you get incredible image brightness and clarity with less exposure time. RASA technology has become the go-to choice for serious astrophotographers. The Celestron’s optical engineers give you a bundle with all the same capabilities of an observatory-grade instrument in a grab-and-go package.

The Future in Astrophotography using AI

As the Origin telescope collects data, its built-in AI algorithms are hard at work. They meticulously compile and analyze each frame in real-time as you accumulate your images in a process known as live stacking.

Suddenly, galaxies and nebulae appear before your eyes. They are sharp, detailed, and filled with vibrant colours. This breathtaking view of the Universe unfolds in an instant.

The best part? All of this magic happens with minimal effort on your part. The Origin telescope and its integrated AI do the ‘heavy lifting’, leaving you free to marvel at the wonders of the night sky.

Galaxy photo
Bodes Nebula – Photo Credit: Celestron

Next Level StarSense Technology

The Celestron Origin is an all-in-one home observatory that revolutionises stargazing and astrophotography. This intelligent device not only enhances your exploration of the night sky but also redefines the very essence of the experience. With remarkable efficiency, it captures intricate details of faint, deep-sky celestial objects, rendering them in stunning clarity on your connected phone or tablet. The process is seamless and gives you immersive depth and quality that is typically associated with a much larger telescope, especially when navigating the depths of exceptionally dark skies. Each captured image, achieved in a matter of seconds, gives you incredible satisfaction and your astronomical images come to life with unprecedented brilliance.

User-Friendly Interface

Celestron Origin App

Simulation Curriculum is the developer of the Celestron Origin app and it makes for a great cosmic companion, unlocking the gateway to exploring the Universe. Engineered with a user-friendly yet comprehensive interface, this app seamlessly helps with sky navigation and system control, catering to both iOS and Android users. Dive into an immersive and hands-on exploration of the night sky with the ability to look at 40,000 celestial objects. Stars, galaxies, nebulae, and many other objects are at your fingertips.

Let Everyone in on the View

The Celestron Origin is a state-of-the-art telescope that offers a unique feature: the ability to share its live feed with multiple users at the same time through the Origin app. This means that several people can simultaneously enjoy the wonders of the universe, each from their own device.

In addition to this, the Origin app provides the capability to cast the live feed directly to your smart TV. This feature allows you to transform your living room into a personal planetarium, making the exploration of celestial bodies a more immersive experience.

Smart TV integration
Observe using your Smart TV – Photo: Canva

Cutting Edge Functionality

As your interest and expertise in this hobby deepen, you can start to download the raw image files that you’ve captured for a more sophisticated level of manual processing. This allows you to delve deeper into the details and intricacies of the images that you’ve captured.

In addition, you have the opportunity to experiment with various filters to enhance your viewing experience. This can help you highlight certain features or aspects of the celestial bodies you’re observing.


The Celestron Origin stands at the forefront of a new era in amateur astronomy, blending visual astronomy and astrophotography into a single, user-friendly experience. This intelligent, all-in-one home observatory takes the complexity out of traditional telescopes, transforming your backyard into a gateway to the Universe. Packed with cutting-edge technology, Celestron Origin captures the beauty of celestial objects and brings them into view on your phone or tablet. The result makes astronomy more accessible, exciting and fun than ever before.

The Celestron Origin Intelligent Home Observatory will be sold at Optics Central for $6899

What comes in the box

6 inch RASA OTA1
Origin Single Fork Arm Mount1
Built-in computer with cooling fan and WiFi (built in)1
Electronic Auto Focuser1
Dew Prevention System1
Lens Cap1
12V AC Charger1

Future Upgrades

Celestron are continuously upgrading their systems and enhancements with:

• Compatibility with the StarSense Autoguider

• Compatibility with the Wedge for Nexstar Evolution and SE6/8

• Support for Polar Alignment


The Celestron Padded Carrying Bag

The Celestron Nebula Filter

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