Comparing Entry Level ED Glass Binoculars (Bushnell Legend L VS Vanguard Endeavor IV)

Bushnell Legend L Series Vanguard Endeavor IV Battle

Both the Bushnell Legend L series and the Vanguard Endeavor IV series sit in a similar group and price point in the entry level ED glass binoculars. Let’s take a closer look to compare the two.

We will be looking at the 8×42 mm binoculars for both models.


The Body/ General Ergonomics

Starting off with the Vanguard Endeavor IV, these binoculars are comfortable to hold onto, providing a good grip with its open bridge design. The frame of this pair of binoculars is made from magnesium chassis which is a lightweight material, at the same time providing much stronger protection as oppose to the plastic/ poly-carbonate frames.


On the other hand, the Bushnell Legend L series binoculars give a sharp/ slim impression to its users. The outer layer material feels like a smooth leather/rubber with rougher patterns on the sides for better grip (slip-resistant textured grip). Simple, straight-forward and high quality. Incorporated with magnesium chassis, offering a lightweight yet strong touch to the binoculars. 


Overall the layout of both binoculars are well designed, The Vanguard is meant to give more when held with its open bridge design, but comparing to the Bushnell they make very little differences. It is just as easy to grip onto the Bushnell compared to the Vanguard. The Bushnell binoculars are relatively more compact.


Dimensions and Weight:


Bushnell L Series:682gBushnell Legend L series

Height: 14cm



Vanguard Endeavor IV: 826g



Vanguard Endeavor IV series

With similar dimensions the Vanguard is chunkier, possibly has more rubber coating, as well as a result of the open bridge design it seems wider.

The Bushnell legend binoculars would be the go to choice if users were to hold or carry the binoculars for a long period of time because they are lighter and slightly more compact. For example birdwatchers would prefer relatively lighter binoculars, here’s a link for birding binoculars:



Field of View:

Demonstration of Field of View/View angle. Bushnell/Vanguard Binoculars

View Angle FOV @1000yds
Vanguard Endeavor ED IV 7.2 ° 393.75ft (120m)
Bushnell Legend L Series 8.1 ° 426ft (129.8m)


The field of view is the widest dimension you can see when looking through a pair of binoculars, it can be measured in feet at 1000 yards. For instance when standing 1000 yards from a long line of trees, the proportion of trees captured when looking through the binocular measured in feet is the linear field of view.


We can see that the Bushnell has wider view angle and therefore a longer linear field of view. This is particularly good for finding objects in the field because there is more captured in what you see.


Central Focusing Wheel:

Vanguard Endeavor IVBushnell Legend L series

The Vanguard central focusing wheel has large indents cut into it running around to help with grip and has a diameter of 33mm.

Going from infinity to its minimum focusing distance it would take about 330°, which is just under one full turn. This particular mechanism means focusing from near to far or vice versa can get quite sensitive, a relatively small movement of the wheel may move the focusing plane a relatively far distance.

Meanwhile, the Bushnell legend central focusing wheel adjusts from infinity to its minimum focusing distance in around 540 degrees which is one and a half turns, providing smoother focusing adjustment but at the same time the user will need to turn more for small changes in the focusing plane.


Diopter Adjustment:

Both pairs of binoculars come with lockable diopter adjustments which is good for keeping the diopter unmoved once it is set to compensate for the difference in the user’s eyes.

The diopter adjustment for both pair of binoculars adjust for the right barrel of the binoculars, but the diopter is located in different positions on the binoculars.

Bushenll Legend L Series Diopter Adjustment Diopter Adjustment Vanguard Endeavor IV Diopter Adjustment


For Bushnell Legend L, the diopter adjustment is found on the right barrel of the binoculars.

For Vanguard Endeavor IV, the diopter adjustment is located on the bridge of the binoculars near the centre focusing wheel.


The Vanguard puts the diopter adjustment in a less common place but overall doesn’t affect the useability of the binoculars and can be more convenient to adjust.




Bushnell Legend L Vanguard Endeavor IV
Lens Fully Multi Coated YES YES
Water/Fog Proof YES YES


We can see that both pairs of binoculars are constructed with good quality optics, the lenses are fully multi coated, which means that all air to glass surfaces have received multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings, which enhances transmittance and image brightness.

Equipped with ED prime glass where ED stands for extra-low dispersion, meaning the images you get have reduced chromatic aberration. Therefore a clearer, sharper, more defined image can be achieved.

Both pairs are waterproof and fog proof for all kinds of weather conditions.


Testing Image Quality:

Bushnell:                                               Vanguard:

Image Quality Bushnell Legend L 8x42 Image Quality Vanguard Endeavor IV 8x42


These images are taken through an Iphone and as pictured many factors are not controlled such as the angle of the pictures and what’s captured. Although it would not be fair to give a direct comparison of the two binoculars solely through two images, it is shown both pictures capture clear and good quality images. Little chromatic aberration was observed and a similar level of brightness was delivered.


Eye Relief:


Eye relief distance can be particularly important for eyeglass wearers and shooters. The eye of an eyeglass wearer is typically further from the eyepiece so needs a longer eye relief in order to see the entire field of view


Bushnell Legend L Vanguard Endeavor IV
Eye Relief (mm) 19 19


The two binoculars both have an eye relief of 19mm which is very good for even eyeglass wearers.


Close Focus:

A longer minimum focusing distance is often a trade off for a wide field of view. The close focus of a pair of binoculars is the closest distance you can focus on an object.


Bushnell Legend L Vanguard Endeavor IV
Close Focus (ft/m) 6.5/1.9 5.9/1.8


From earlier analysis we know that the Bushnell has a wider linear field of view, and in turn the Bushnell has a slightly further minimum focusing distance than the Vanguard.


Tripod Adaptability:

Both pairs of binoculars can be attached to a tripod using a tripod adapter. There is small cap which you can unscrew and it can then be attached to a tripod adapter.




Bushnell Legend L Vanguard Endeavor IV
Price (AUD) Around $525 Around $650


Generally the Vanguard sells for around $100 more expensive.



Both pairs of binoculars are impressive, with very little chromatic aberration and are able to capture clear and crisp images. After getting into some detailed specifications of the binoculars it is apparent that the Bushnell Legend L binoculars are of more value for its price. They are relatively lightweight compared to the Vanguard Endeavor ED, have a wider FOV, smoother center focus adjustment; at the same time having similar imaging qualities and specifications.


On the other hand, the Vanguard Endeavor ED IV is still a very well built pair of binoculars. Many features on the Vanguard are carefully engineered to suit their users’ needs such as the open bridge design, durable rubber coating and attached objective lens caps.


Standing at an end user point of view, the Bushnell Legend L binoculars are preferred simply because they are of exceptional quality, packed with features for a very good price.


If you have any questions about the above products, feel free to drop us a message at or by calling 1300 884 763.

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