How Close Do You See With Some Compact Binoculars? AFL Footy Finals Special Edition

How Close Do You See With Some Compact Binoculars? AFL Edition

Footy special binoculars magnification cover


AFL finals season is here, most of us are getting excited and rushing to the game. It would be a great idea to bring a pair of compact binoculars to the game so we can enjoy the intense moments of football close up. These binoculars the same time they won’t hurt your arms too much since they’re light. Most of us may be wondering: how close do you see with some compact binoculars? Let’s find out.

Compact binoculars are the no.1 choice for footy season because they are here to help you hold the binoculars up for an extended period of time. Your arms won’t get tired as easy and you can continuously enjoy the close-up views of the game. Most compact binoculars are palm sized and would weigh under 300-400g. What a great little gadget to have in celebration of the footy finals!

Some examples:

Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 10×26 Compact Binoculars (297g) Bushnell H2O 8×25 Roof Prism Binoculars (290g) Carl Zeiss Terra ED Pocket 10×25 Binoculars (310g)

Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 10x26

 Bushnell H2O 8x25 Compact Binoculars  

Carl Zeiss Terra ED 10x25 Pocket Binoculars


What’s the Most Common Magnification?

The most common binocular magnifications are 8x or 10x. These are at a good power where the user gets more magnified views at the same time the magnifications are not too high so the views become shaky.

What does 8x magnification mean?


How much bigger is 8x illustration

The illustrated image shows the difference between what you would see with your naked eyes and at 8x magnification. This puts 8x power binoculars into perspective.


MCG Illustration

MCG dimension illustration

The dimension of the MCG football ground is as depicted. We assume that on average people are around 200m away from their target.


So how close do you see with some compact binoculars?

Difference between naked eyes and 8x or 10x magnification

As illustrated we can see that when we watch the game and when we have a pair of 8x power binoculars. If you were to watch the game at around 200m from where you’re sitting, you’ll be observing the scene as if you were 25m (200/8=25m) away; it really gets you close.

Standing from 200m from the footy attraction, if you have a pair of 10x power binoculars, it would be as in you’re standing 20m (200/10=20m) away. The players will never go out of your sight!

As you have probably figured how close you see your target will depend on the magnification and not the lens size. So whether or not a pair of binoculars is compact will not affect the magnification.


Which binoculars to choose from?

One thing to note about compact binoculars is that since the lenses are generally smaller (25mm-30mm). Such binoculars naturally have a weaker light gathering power than full sized lenses (42mm). This would be the main trade-off between compactness and brightness. To prevent light loss, it is best to choose fully multi-coated lenses or better to allow maximum amount of light passing through the lenses.

Examples of fully multi-coated binoculars:

Celestron Nature DX 10×25 Binoculars Bushnell Trophy 8×32 Binoculars Steiner Skyhawk 3.0 10×32 Birdwatching Binoculars
Celestron Nature DX 10x25 bushnell trophy 8x32 Steiner Skyhawk 10x32


Depending on your personal preference, focus free binoculars are quite popular when it comes to spectator sports. They allow you to watch the game without having to worry about focusing your binoculars.

Bushnell Permafocus 7×35 Focus Free Porro Prism Horse Racing Binoculars Bushnell Permafocus 10×42 Focus Free Porro Prism Horse Racing Binoculars
permafocus 7x35 bushnell permafocus 10x42 bushnell

We hope this article has helped you understand how your current or future optical devices worked in terms of bringing the images closer for you. AFL Footy finals are exciting times for sports enthusiasts and supportive team fans. Grab your favourite pair of binoculars and enjoy!


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