How to Zero a Thermal Scope

how to zero a thermal scope graphic

Zeroing a thermal scope guarantees that your shot will land where you are aiming. It is essential hunters enter the field, prepared with their scopes zeroed, to get the most accurate results. Keep reading to learn how to zero a thermal rifle scope.

What is Zeroing

Zeroing is the process of calibrating your scope so that the Point of Aim (POA) matches up with the Point of Impact (POI). The distance at which you are zeroing can vary, but most thermal scope on the market come with multiple zero profiles. This allows you to zero for multiple distances.

Graphic showing scope not zeroed
Graphic showing results after zero calibration

Selecting a Target

There are various targets to choose from when zeroing your thermal scope. Targets that emit heat are ideal as the scope will be able to better pick up the infrared signature. Targets such as thermos-reactive targets or foil works great. You also should choose the colour palette that brings out the heat signature of the target

Zeroing Process

Now it’s time to zero your thermal scope. First, go to the menu screen on your scope and select the Zero calibration function. Set your distance to 50 meters or whatever distance you want to zero. Next, ensure you are shooting from a stable position which will allow you to take an accurate shot and choose the reticle that you want to zero with.

Step 1. Take the first shot at the target, ensuring that you point the crosshairs at the bullseye. Remember to set the X and Y coordinates of the reticle to X=0 and Y=0. You will notice that the round misses the bullseye because the scope is not zeroed.

Graphic of the first shot being taken in zeroing process

Step 2. Use the zoom function to magnify the image of the target while ensuring that you center the crosshairs on the bullseye. Then, activate the freeze function to lock the image in place.

Step 3. Now, the blue dot on the diagram below highlights the POI. Use the necessary controls of your scope to move the crosshairs from the center of the bullseye to the POI along the X and Y axis.

Graphic depicting crosshairs moved to POI

Step 4. If you are satisfied with the positioning of the crosshairs, save the parameters and your thermal scope should be zeroed.


In conclusion, this beginner’s guide provides you with the essential steps on how to zero a thermal scope, ultimately leading to enhanced precision and accuracy on the field. Remember to use a target with a heat signature, ensuring the POI matches with the POA.

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