Amateur Astronomer From Perth, Western Australia? We’ve got you covered.

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Hello, Perth Amateur Astronomer. Are you just getting started with beginner amateur astronomy and do not know where to start? Are you looking for best dark sites in WA or looking for astronomical societies in WA? That’s great to hear! Western Australia is reported to have the darkest night skies on Earth, and is naturally the best place to observe. 

This blog post is just a short introduction for starting astronomy in Perth.


Places to Visit

This Sunday Times Article by Brad Elborough outlines numerous great observation sites for tourists and locals: these were argued to be ideal for astrophotographers and intermediate observers.

From basic views of the Moon to star-swept views of the galaxy, this article will get you started from a local’s experience:

Example of places to go: Boebuck Bay, Bungle Bungle, Purnululu National Park, Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater.

Already tried those 10 places and looking for more? has a short ‘Best Stargazing Spots in Australia’ collection of more dark sites to visit. For a short road trip, try out Gingin, WA (only 1 hour north of Perth).

Perth Observatory


It’s Perth’s largest and oldest observatory with a 120 year legacy. This observatory will be present on any amateur astronomer’s dream destination book. This year, there’s more reason to visit. Next month, Perth Observatory will be holding a Halloween Night Sky Tour featuring a special costumes-invited admission and a chance to try out heir large range of telescopes . Heads up: best costumes of the night will get a cool prize!


Astronomy Societies

ASWA (Astronomical Society of Western Australia) Astronomical Society of Western Australia


There are as many reasons to join this group as there are stars in our universe. Attend monthly meetings and astronomy classes for beginners and casual astronomers. For the bookworms and enthusiasts, the ASWA has its own independent library of books, star maps, videos and more for members to borrow.

Cool tip: Members of over 6 months have exclusive borrowing privileges of a few member-owned telescopes. One of which is an astonishing 17.5 inches wide!

For families and couples, check out the Tammin Observing Site this holidays for a astronomy-filled night. The ASWA manages a dark observing site just over 2 hours out of Perth and ensures that you get the best astronomy views ever! Just you and the stars.

Ready to join? Click here for full list of member prices.

AGWA (Astronomical Group of Western Australia)


Membership is completely FREE and is an open invitation to Perth amateur astronomers of ALL levels – no matter how little you know. The AGWA also holds astronomy camps throughout the year so members can get to know each other a bit better and share their common interest!

If you are not at that level yet, access to monthly meetings is just a mere $3 to cover snack expenses and you will leave with the best troubleshooting advice and handy tips for observing by yourself and your family in the comfort of your own backyard.

Access to AGWA’s private Golden Grove observing site is just $20 for individuals or $30 for families. Sounds like a great chance for a family astronomy night!

Handy Travel-Friendly Telescopes
The Celestron C5 Spotter Schmidt Cassegrain Spotting Scope ($699.95 as of 22.09.2017)


Celestron C5 Spotter

The Celestron C5 Spotter Cassegrain Telescope is a cassegrain telescope that packs a punch, increases image quality and offers up to 300x magnification in a travel-friendly compact size.

While more expensive than the options listed below, this telescope does not compromise on features with a Celestron’s StarBright XLT Coatings and an outstanding 1250mm focal length in a compact tube. Great for those looking for a astronomy telescope that lasts, this is it.  


Saxon 70mm Traveller Scope ($149.95 as of 22.09.2017)

Saxon Traveller Scope


Compact 70mm Telescope with 400mm focal length in a convenient travel backpack and stand. Great two-in-one design for both astronomy and land viewing during the day!


Celestron Skymaster 15×70 Astronomy Binoculars ($179.95 as of 22.09.2017)

Link:×70-astronomy-binoculars.html Celestron Skymaster 15x70


Multicoated 15x magnification astronomy binoculars get you closer to the stars without excess bulk. Great for choosing what to look at in the night sky while you are waiting in line. Great for campers looking for a effortless astronomy travel companion.

Looking for other sizes? The Celestron Skymaster also comes in 8×5612×60, 25×7020×80, 25×100, 9×63.

Astronomy Night Sky Guide 2018

Preorder now for early October dispatch. This latest edition is an all-in-one compilation of the Australian night sky.



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