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Graphic of Midnight Optics Explorer

Quick Overview

The brand new Midnight Optics Explorer Digital Night Vision Binoculars is the affordable solution to outstanding night time detection. These night vision binoculars have all the essential functions of expensive night vision devices and perform reliably, without the costly price tag. In addition, they have a cool, sleek design and feel great in your hands and comfortable around the eyes.

These night vision binoculars are have the newest low-light CMOS sensor, generating high quality images at any time of day. They have a weight of 400 grams so you can use them for a long period of time without fatigue. Likewise, their lightweight also allow you to wear them as night vision goggles with an addition of a head harness.

Graphic of kangaroo taken in the dark with Midnight Optics Explorer
Picture of Kangaroo at a distance of 200 meters in complete darkness

In addition, the Explorer boasts and impressive detection range of 300 meters. This makes them extremely versatile, making them perfect for a range of uses. These include; surveillance, wildlife spotting, hunting, boating and fishing, law enforcement, hiking and search and rescue operations.

Graphic of pet of taken in the dark with Midnight Optics Explorer.
Use the Explorer to find missing house pets


The Midnight Optics Explorer incorporates the essential night vision specs needed needed for efficient night time detection. So, you can confidently identify objects in the dark without forking over a small fortune.

Adjustable IR illuminator: The 850 nanometer IR illuminator comes in handy when you’re aiming for the best possible image. You have the option to adjust between 7 levels of brightness to achieve optimal image quality and minimise IR washout. This also helps with detail recognition and target identification.

Digital zoom: 8x digital zoom for maximum detection

Photo and video capabilities: Capture your night vision experience. Take photos and 2K videos and store them on a removable SD card.

Built in rechargeable battery: The battery lasts for 6 hours ensuring continuous use. Now you can identify targets throughout the night.

Durable: These night vision binoculars are built for the outdoors. They are IP56 protected and are resilient against rain and splashes.

30 fps: Receive smooth images when viewing moving objects with minimal lag.

Colour Palettes

The Midnight Optics Explorer comes with 4 viewing modes. The first is day mode which allows users to use the device like binoculars during day time. the 8x digital zoom will be beneficial in spotting distant targets. Next, there is nights time viewing modes which have three colour palettes. These are Black and White, Green and Purple modes.

Black and White

This is the traditional digital night vision colour palette that shows night time images in black and white. You will be able to see objects in a 300 meter range even in complete darkness. The adjustable IR illuminator will also aid the user to maximise image quality and brightness

Graphic of cat in black and white mode taken with Midnight Optics Explorer.


Green mode brings out more detail in images. It leads to better detail recognition and target identification, in turn giving you the best quality image. Likewise, green mode is likely to make smaller details stand out more. This mode is reccomended for looking for lost pets or wildlife spotting.

Graphic of cat in green mode taken with Midnight Optics Explorer.


Like Green, Purple mode also brings out more details when compared with black and white. Therefore, it is another viewing option for users to choose from, based on their preferences.

Graphic of cat in purple mode taken with Midnight Optics Explorer.


Graphic of Midnight Optics Explorer and diagram of buttons


Hold “Power” button for 3 seconds to turn on the device. To turn off, hold “Power” button for 3 seconds.

Change viewing modes

Press “Zoom +/IR” Up to change from day mode to black and white night vision mode.

Long press “Menu” to alternate between black and white, green and purple viewing modes.

Display selection

Long press “Mode” to single display. Use this button to switch between left and right sided displays.

Use the “Diopter Adjusting Wheel” to focus the display for each eye to get the clearest possible image.

Digital Zoom

Hold “Zoom +/IR” to zoom in on targets and get a more magnified image. Likewise, Hold “Zoom -/IR” to zoom out. you can use the zoom function while taking a photo or recording a video.


Turn focus wheel at the front of the objective lens to focus image.

Taking photos or videos

Press “Mode” to change between photo mode, video mode or playback mode. To take a photo select photo mode and press “Shot” to capture an image. To record a video, select video mode and press “Shot” to start recording. Press “Shot” again to stop recording.

Choose playback mode to see photos and videos. Use “Zoom +/IR” and “Zoom -/IR” to scroll though images and videos. To playback a video, select the video you want to play and press “Shot”.

IR adjuster

Press “Zoom +/IR” to increase IR sensitivity level to make objects appear brighter in extremely low light conditions. Press “Zoom -/IR” to dial back IR sensitivity and minimise IR washout.


Press “Menu” to access setting screen. Here users can configure the device to their preferred viewing experience. Use “Zoom +/IR” and “Zoom -/IR” to scroll though setting options, and press “Shot” to select which settings to change.


The Midnight Optics Explorer is an outstanding pair of digital night vision binoculars. They have the essential components for users to get a clear image of objects in low light conditions and can be adapted for a ranged of different uses.

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