Reviewing Steiner’s Skyhawk 3.0 Birdwatching Binoculars

Designed for bird, wildlife and nature enthusiasts, the Steiner Skyhawk 3.0 Birdwatching Binoculars is the product of years of intensive research, design and vigorous testing. Similar to other German binoculars, Steiner binoculars possess an optical performance that is one to boast. For those on a flexible medium-sized budget, the Skyhawk 3.0 sits at a comfortable price point for most users.

The Skyhawk 3.0 series features:

  • High Contrast Optics
  • Fast Close Focus for as close as 2m
  • Waterproof and Nitrogen Purged design
  • 10 years Australian warranty

The Skyhawk 3.0 series is available in 5 specifications: 8x32mm, 8x42mm, 10x26mm, 10x32mm and 10x42mm. There is an option for everyone.

Our First Impressions

Rugged ergonomic design. Looks quite unique and attractive, and exudes professionalism. In terms of the optics, they are bright and clear resolution for an affordable price. Good in all regards.

Things we loved: Great contrast, impressive resolution, fast close focus, removable clip-in lens cover caps, Clic-Loc system, ergonomic eyecups

Our Thoughts of the Skyhawk 3.0

The Steiner binoculars undoubtedly possesses bright views, great contrast and impressive resolution for its price. The closest comparisons we found to the quality of the Steiner binoculars sat a higher price bracket ($900-$1300), and even then the alternatives lacked a few features that we loved.

Fast Close Focus

The Skyhawk 3.0 features a fast close focus that was true to its word. Observing the shrubs located just outside our store, we found that the focus wheel was not only controlled and smooth, it took minimal movement for the binoculars to focus. For birders that require that split second focus, we would highly recommend trying out these binoculars.

Clip-on Lens Cover Cap

Another feature that we welcomed with open arms is the removable clip-in lens cover cap that secures the caps onto the binoculars. We were sure that this feature would be a crowd pleaser given that a highly prevalent issue we hear from our customers is them losing lens cover caps for their binoculars. In fact, our staff appreciates it – the Skyhawk’s may be the only pair of binoculars in our showroom with their correct lens cover caps still on. While some people may feel that the clip in caps may disrupt their viewing, they still have the option of removing them.

ClicLoc Harness System

These binoculars also feature Steiner’s proprietary Clicloc system. The ClicLoc system enables for an easy strap release if you wish to remove the attached neckstrap or harness. Rather than removing the straps slowly by uncoiling the strap like you would on other binoculars, you can simply click it out in a matter of seconds. This is great for people sharing binoculars who would be frustrated with constantly taking off the neckstrap or harness.

Our final favorite is the ergonomic eyecups found on the Skyhawk 3.0. In addition to its intended purpose of minimising sunlight coming in from the sides of your eyes to improve image quality, the eyecups actually made holding the binoculars against your eyes a lot more comfortable. A definite plus for us.

Things we would improve

While the 8×42 variation weighs only 740g which is similar to other 42mm binoculars, we would not mind seeing lighter weight designs for birders. However, choosing the other variations will suffice – the 32mm packs a punch with its lightweight and compact design that makes it suitable for longer observation.

And that’s a wrap. That’s our thoughts on Steiner’s premium most popular Skyhawk 3.0 range. Its abundance features complements its unique and polished design, and its price point makes high quality, premium optics affordable for all.

This is the first of many review segment of our blog to come so if you have anything you would like us to review, let us know by leaving the product name down in the comment section below.

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to drop us a message at or by calling 1300 884 763. For a limited time, we are offering an offer for the Skyhawk 3.0. Click here to find out more.


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