2023 Blue Moon

On the 31st of August, 2023, we’ll experience a Blue Moon in Australia. But no – it won’t actually be blue. So what really is a Blue Moon?

Perseid Meteor Shower 2023

Prepare to Witness an Astonishing Spectacle! The Perseid Meteor Shower is a dazzling spectacle that lights up the northern sky every August. It happens when Earth passes through the debris […]

The Solar Eclipse In Australia

We’re gearing up for the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Completely visible in Cairns, Australia but partial eclipses are visible around Australia and New Zealand! Here’s an inforgraphic for your reference. If […]

Birds of Australia [Infographic]

Here is an informative visual that gives you an overview of bird species found in Australia and the endangered count. Also a chart of the birds that represent each state […]

I’ve been very surprised by VIXEN Binoculars that i’ve recently handled. They feel extremely hardwearing and also super sharp. Their optics are well coated so imaging is always very crisp, […]