2023 Blue Moon

On the 31st of August, 2023, we’ll experience a Blue Moon in Australia. But no – it won’t actually be blue. So what really is a Blue Moon?

See the mysterious Lunar X

The Lunar X is a relatively-unknown feature that comes and goes on the surface of the Moon. It’s visible for about an hour each month when light from the Sun […]

The Best Telescopes Review of 2017 Banner

Wow, 2017 really flew by! Once again, we have compiled our new Best Telescopes this year 2017 which was well received last year. In 2017, some new telescopes such as the Celestron Inspire Series telescopes have impressed and set the scene with new features and better optics. Longstanding favourites such as the Celestron Astromaster Series and Saxon Dobsonians also appear in the list again. Compared to last year, we consider a few more categories for new telescopes users, such as best land viewing telescopes, best manual telescopes for kids, and more. Read on to see our ratings.

The Solar Eclipse In Australia

We’re gearing up for the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Completely visible in Cairns, Australia but partial eclipses are visible around Australia and New Zealand! Here’s an inforgraphic for your reference. If […]

Been thinking about the types of telescopes suitable for little children. The more I think about it, the lesser sense it makes to try and classify telescopes in that way. […]