The Solar Eclipse, Australia, November 2012 – Safe Viewing Tips

There is a Total Solar Eclipse coming up in November and it’s a rare opportunity for some of you to see it in totality. For those in Australia, it fully visible if you live in the North, Cairns being the sweet spot. The eclipse should begin around 5.45am on the 14 of November and end around 7.30am. 

It is a rare experience to have and something very enjoyable with friends and family. However one should always take precautions with viewing up into the sun. I’d like to highlight a few things one should take note of:

Protective Eye Gear
Never look at the sun with your naked eye. Always put on a pair of Certified Solar Eclipse Shades that come with an optical density of at least 5. They are designed with a black polymer material that block out intense bright light and infrared, keeping your retinas safe while you view. Never look directly through binoculars or telescopes as the light gathered into these tubes become so great, it is likely to harm your eyes. 

Best ways to view
Sure, viewing through Solar Shades is one way to enjoy the Eclipse. Alternatively you could try indirect viewing, basically, projecting the eclipse onto a white wall through a telescope. 

Never leave children unsupervised. Guide them while the Eclipse is occurring and help them put on their Eclipse Shades – never allow them to take it off until the moon is completely covering the sun.  

Meanwhile, below is a great infographic that tell you a bit more about the Eclipse! 


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