The ASIAIR Plus is a wireless intelligent controller that connects the necessary equipment for astrophotography and allows you to control it through a mobile phone or a tablet.

The ASIAIR Plus completes various photographic creation processes such as Image Plate Solving, Telescope Focus, Polar Alignment, Autoguiding, Auto-run imaging, Plan (Multi-target/Mosiac imaging), Live stacking, Video imaging for planets, Dew heater control.

What devices can the ASIAIR Plus control?
All USB3.0 based ZWO ASI professional astronomical cameras including a selection of Canon and Nikon SLR and mirrorless cameras (listed below).
ZWO Electric Autofocuser (EAF), ZWO Electric Filterwheels and 400 equatorial and some alt-azimuth mounts.

A power supply of 11-15V@2.5A or a higher amp is recommended.
9V or 15V is NOT recommended and the ASIAIR Plus unit may not turn on.
We recommend this power unit

PLEASE NOTE: The ASIAIR Plus is NOT shipped with a power adapter
There are 4 different standards for different countries, please make sure you selected the correct adapter when placing the order.

These are the DSLR cameras that have been tested with the ASIAIR Plus.

Imaging with the ASIAIR Plus.

Live stacking with the ASIAIR Plus
M42 Orion 8 images at 120 seconds at the time this screenshot was taken.
Final image of M42 with 28 images at 120 seconds.

The ASIAIR Plus is $529.95 and is available from our store

This device has changed the way I do astrophotography, my cable management, setup time and features make this device one of the most important pieces of equipment I own, you know what, I own three of them!
This is how much I love this device and so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious with their astro-imaging. It makes life so much easier for you!

Enjoy the joys that this device gives you and hope you have clear skies and I look forward in reading what you think about the ASIAIR Plus.

Clear skies folks!

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