Thermion 2 Series

The Pulsar Thermion 2 thermal scopes are a powerful IR scopes with groundbreaking thermal capabilities. . Available with sensors in 384x288, 640x480, or 1024x768 pixel resolutions, these scopes deliver exceptionally clear and high-contrast thermal images with rich details for effortless object detection. Sporting a classic tube-style design, they can be easily mounted using 30mm tube rings. 

Designed with hunters in mind, the Thermion 2 series is equipped with a host of valuable features. Users can choose from 8 distinct colour palettes tailored to specific observational conditions, utilise 10 zeroing profiles, engage Picture-In-Picture mode, and enjoy the convenience of IPX7 waterproof rating. Additionally, these scopes offer the capability to livestream videos directly onto a smart device using the Stream Vision 2 app.

Pulsar Thermion 2 Thermal Scope - Available at Optics Central

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