Burris 1" Signature ZEE Rings Medium - Suits Weaver / XTB Base


Burris ZEE solid steel rings not only ensure accuracy, they provide an extra measure of confidence and peace of mind. Machined from a solid block of steel to exacting tolerance, each top and bottom are matched for strength and fit. Designed to handle any telescopic sight and any recoil from rimfires to magnum calibers. Burris offers a wide selection in 1" and 30mm and in a range of heights.

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    The Burris 1" Signature ZEE Rings in Medium height is designed to Suit any Weaver or Burris XTB Styled Bases. Burris signature rings set the standard by which all other scope rings are measured. They are the choice of most who want the utmost in accuracy and precision. These sold steel rings not only provide tremendous gripping power and durability, they guarantee proper alignment and maximum scope-to-ring contact through the use of Burris' patented Pos-Align Inserts system.

    Only Signature Rings will accept Pos-Align Inserts, a synthetic self-aligning insert that provides 100% scope-to-ring contact. This compensates for any misalignment in the receiver or bases and also eliminates the need for canted bases or shimming. Pos-Align Offset Inserts can virtually sight-in without moving the scope adjustments. Long-range marksmen rely on the inserts to provide more elevation or windage adjustment.

    The offset inserts also correct for any misalignment caused by receiver holes drilled off centre, or the bases or rings being slightly off perfect centre. They keep the internal optics centred to provide all the clarity, sharpness and brightness that the optics designer intended for you to see.

    The Burris 1" Signature ZEE Rings can be used with universal dovetail and Weaver style bases. 

    Medium Height - 1.96cm (0.77 Inches)

    Please see table for correct height. If in doubt, please Contact Us.

    Ring heights - measured in Inches

    See Zee Sig 1" Row

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