Car Battery to 12V 10A Mains Power Adapter

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12V Car battery adapter with 10 amps.

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    This adapter converts standard household electricity (240V AC) into 12V DC power, suitable for powering various types of telescope rigs.
    With a 10-amp capacity, it can handle relatively demanding applications like:

    • Slewing: Your mount will use considerable amps when you slew your telescope and depending on the size of the equipment used you will usually find you may go over 5 amps

    • Dew heaters: Heating your telescope to prevent dew will use up a lot of current.

    • Other peripherals: There might be other equipment that you use that requires a lot of current to be used.

    • Use 1 power adapter: It is a lot more convenient to use this than two 5 Amp adapters.


    • Input: 240V AC (standard wall outlet)

    • Output: 12V DC (cigarette lighter plug or other connector type depending on the model)

    • Current rating: 10 amps

    • Additional features may include:

      • Surge protection to safeguard your devices from electrical spikes

      • LED indicator to show power status

      • Compact and portable design for easy storage and use

    Important notes:

    • Always ensure the adapter's output voltage and current match the requirements of your device.

    • Do not exceed the adapter's 10-amp capacity.

    • Use caution when handling electrical equipment and follow safety guidelines.

    Remember: This is a general description, and specific features may vary depending on the model you choose. It's always best to consult the manufacturer's instructions for detailed information and safety precautions.


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