Celestial Events Calendar - Australia 2021/22

Are you a first-time stargazer, seasonal observer or an avid astrophotographer? Regardless of whether you have a telescope, binoculars or just using your eyes, our Celestial Events Calendar presents the best viewing times for key celestial events in Australia for the year 2021. Bookmark this page for easy reference and you will never miss out again! 


21 January  Mars close to Moon
6 February Venus and Saturn are very close together low ijn the East just before sunrise, with Jupiter even lower.
2 March
Mars is close to the Pleiades, low in the North-West after sunset
4 March Vesta (minor planet) at opposition. It's in Leo, high and North at nignight
11 March  Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon form a nice triangle just before sunrise in the East
28 April Supermoon
6 May Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks. The origina point is not far from the thin Moon
26 May Total Lunar Eclipse and supermoon. The eclpise is visible from Eastern Australia
23 June Mars inside the Beehive Cluster, low in the North West after sunset
24 June Supermoon
18 July Pluto at opposition
29 July Delta Aquarids meteor shower peaks. Radiant is near Jupiter
2 August Saturn at opposition
20 August Jupiter at opposition
14 September Neptune at opposition
21 October Orionid meteor shower. Radiant is below Betelgeuse in the North East before sunrise
23 October

Venus close to M19 globular cluster low in the South South West after sunset

5 November Uranus at opposition
18 November Leonid meteor shower. Radiant is low in the North East before sunrise
19 November partial lunar eclipse. The Moon wil be close to the Pleiades and will rise during the eclipse so only the second half of the event will be visible.
27 November Ceres at opposition
12 December Perigee (point closest to Earth) of Great Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard. This will not return, and will be visible from the Southern Hemisphere. Estimates of brightness vary greatly at this early stage.
14 December Geminid meteor shower peaks. The radiant is next to the star Castor, low in the North.
18 December Minimoon
25 December Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all visible in evening (just at sunset)



1 January  Moon occults Mars (visible from SE and south central Australia)


1 Jan: Moon occults Mars (visible from SE and south central Australia)