Celestron 48mm T-Adapter for Large 925-14 SCT Telescopes

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    The Celestron Edge HD 48mm T-Adapter for 9.25", 11" & 14" was designed for full framed DSLR or astronomical cameras, reducing vignetting-darkening. DSLR CCD chips are getting larger and in order to provide a larger light path, Celestron's 48mm T-Adapter opens the imaging sensor all the way to the corners.

    The regular 42mm Celestron T-Adapter for Edge HD 9.25", 11" & 14" truncates the light cone coming from the back of the optical tube, creating vignetting in the corners when using full framed imaging sensors.

    Please see photos for the difference between the 42mm and 48mm T-rings and how it imposes on the imaging sensor.

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    Additional Specifications of Product Compatible Telescopes: Fits all EdgeHD 9.25”, 11”, and 14” Telescopes T-Rings Threads M48 x 0.75|NOTE: This adapter will not work with M42 x0.75 T-Rings Flange distance 91 mm Outside diameter 72 mm Weight 8 oz
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