Celestron RASA 8 Schmidt Astrograph Telescope - OTA Only

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Capture spectacular night sky images with the Celstron RASA 8" Astrograph Telescope.


- 8" RASA (Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph) with 4-Element Rare-Earth Glass

- Incredibly Fast & Wide-Field at f/2.0

- Produces Flat Field Images free of Optical Aberrations (Chromatic Aberration, Field Curvature, Coma & Astigmatism)

- Designed for Colour Astronomical CMOS, Smaller CCD & Mirrorless Cameras

- Integrated Air Cooling System

- Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS)

- CGE Dovetail Mounting Rail

- Celestron 2 Year Warranty

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    Capture spectacular night sky images with the Celstron RASA 8 Astrograph OTA.

    The Celestron 8" RASA utilises a 4-Element, Rare-Earth Glass Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph optical design to produce flat field images free of optical aberrations such as chromatic aberration, field curvature, coma and astigmatism. Designed for use on colour astronomical CMOS cameras, smaller CCD cameras and mirrorless cameras. Not compatible with standard DSLRs.

    With an insanely fast focal ratio and a unique optical design weighing just 7.7kg, Celestron's RASA 8 is a remarkable optical device with plenty of potential.


    A true astrograph.

    With an short focal length of just 400mm, the RASA 8 is incredibly fast at f/2.0. It is a dedicated astrograph designed specifically for deep-sky astrophotography, with the 8-inch aperture providing a light gathering power 843x that of a human eye. Take razor-sharp images across the night sky, with pin-point stars and a field illumination far beyond the capacity of a SCT with a Hyperstar.

    The 8" RASA is much affordable and portable than the huge RASA 11, but still offers many of the benefits of the patented Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph optical design. For example, with an integrated air-cooling system, internal filter mount and a robust CGE dovetail mounting bar, the RASA 8 is uniquely versatile.

    Note: the 8" RASA is designed exclusively for imaging. It is not designed for visual use. You cannot use an eyepiece with this astrograph as the prime focus focal plane is located at the front of the optical tube assembly.


    Enjoy the ease of shorter exposure times.

    With a focal ratio of f/2.0, the RASA 8 is one of the fastest telescopes on the market. A fast telescope is especially advantageous when capturing faint objects in the night sky, such as deep sky objects, as it requires shorter exposure times to gather detail and light. When paired with an appropriate camera and live-stacking software, the RASA 8 produces images that are immediately brighter and more detailed than much bigger telescopes with a higher f-ratio.

    Because of its uniquely short focal length, in most cases, the RASA 8 won't need autoguiding when paired with an equatorial mount. This also means that your polar alignment doesn't need to be perfect, as your EQ mount won't need to track for extended periods of time. And since it only weighs 7.7kg, this OTA is compatible with a range of different mounts.

    All in all - this makes the RASA 8 much easier to use than many other telescopes for astrophotography.


    With the world-renowned Ultra-Stable Focus System.

    When the RASA 8 was launched, it created excitement within the astronomy community with the release of the Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS). Celestron unveiled a unique focuser that utilises a precision linear ball bearing to virtually eliminate image shift, or the lateral movement of the primary mirror during focusing, slewing and tracking. Enjoy smoother and more precise focusing with the RASA 8.

    The RASA 8 is also compatible with the Celestron Focus Motor, which enables electronic focusing, making astrophotography even less of a hassle.


    Compatible with modern astronomical & mirrorless cameras.

    Unlike the larger RASAs, Celestron's RASA 8 is designed for use on Colour Astronomical CMOS, Smaller CCD & Mirrorless Cameras. It is not compatible with standard DSLRs.

    The RASA 8 is optimised for sensors with a diagonal of up to 22mm, but accommodates sensors with up to a 32mm diagonal comfortably. APS-C sensors in mirrorless cameras are a great choice, for example. Full-frame 42mm cameras will also work, but expect performance to be sub-optimal at the edges of the sensor with a lower field illumination. We also don't recommend pairing your RASA 8 with any camera body larger than 4-inches in diameter.

    Please refer to the compatibility chart below for more details.


    Camera Compatible with RASA 8? Required Adapters
    Astronomical CMOS/CCD Camera with C-Mount Yes C-Mount Adapter (Included)
    Astronomical CMOS/CCD Camera with M42-Thread Mount Yes M42 Adapter (Included) with M42 Extension Tubes (Not Included)
    Astronomical CMOS/CCD Camera with Other Mount Yes Custom Camera Adapter
    Canon Mirrorless with APS-C Sensor Yes Canon Mirrorless Adapter for RASA 8
    Sony Mirrorless with APS-C Sensor Yes Sony Mirrorless Adapter for RASA 8
    Canon Mirrorless with Full Frame (42mm) Sensor Yes, but not optimised across the full sensor Canon Mirrorless Adapter for RASA 8
    Sony Mirrorless with Full Frame (42mm) Sensor Yes, but not optimised across the full sensor Sony Mirrorless Adapter for RASA 8
    DSLR No --


    Full Specifications

    Optical Tube Assembly (OTA)
    Optical Design Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA)
    Aperture 203mm (8-inches)
    Focal Length 400mm (15.74-inches)
    Focal Ratio f/2.0
    Central Obstruction Diameter 93mm (3.66")
    46% of Aperture Diameter
    Light Gathering Power (Compared to Human Eye) 843x
    Resolution (Rayleigh) 0.68 Arc Seconds
    Resolution (Dawes) 0.57 Arc Seconds
    Image Circle 22mm (0.86") Ø , 3.15°
    Useable Field 32mm (1.26") Ø , 4.6° (only minimal performance loss at edge of FOV)
    Wavelength Range 400 - 800nm
    Spot Size < 2.3 μm RMS across image circle
    Off-Axis Illumination 93% at 11mm (0.43") Off-Axis
    Optical Window 46mm (1.81") Ø
    Back Focus with Included Camera Adapter 25mm (0.98")
    Back Focus from Top of Threaded Collar 29mm (1.14")
    Optical Tube Construction Aluminium
    Optical Coatings StarBright XLT
    Optical Tube Length 628mm (24.7")
    Optical Tube Diameter 235mm (9.3")
    Optical Tube Weight 7.7kg
    Focuser Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS)
    Ventilation Fan Yes
    Integrated Filter Mount Yes
    Dovetail CGE Dovetail Bar
    Warranty Celestron 2 Year Warranty


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    About Celestron

    Imagine a humble beginning – a 6-inch reflector telescope crafted by Tom Johnson for his young son. This was the spark that ignited a transformative journey. As time passed, his designs evolved into larger, more sophisticated scopes. Today, Celestron shines as an industry trailblazer, renowned for crafting precision optical equipment. From computerised marvels to traditional telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and more, Celestron's portfolio is a universe of possibilities. With a legacy spanning over 50 illustrious years, Celestron has earned admiration from both avid hobbyists and dedicated astronomers worldwide. But they don't rest on their laurels; innovation propels them forward. They constantly broaden their product horizons while illuminating minds through global science education initiatives. Celestron's story is one of innovation, evolution and a passion for the cosmos. Join them on this extraordinary journey of discovery and inspiration.

    Product Code: 91073

    More Information
    Optical DesignRowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA)
    Focal Length400mm
    Focal Ratiof 2
    Dovetail TypeDual Saddle - Fits Vixen & Losmandy
    Tube Length400mm
    Electronic Hand ControlNo
    Motor DriveNo
    Warranty InformationCelestron 2 Year Warranty
    Additional Specifications of ProductUltra-Stable Focus System (USFS)
    Image Circle: 22mm (0.86") Ø , 3.15°
    Useable Field: 32mm (1.26") Ø , 4.6° (only minimal performance loss at edge of FOV)
    Wavelength Range: 400 - 800nm
    Spot Size: < 2.3 μm RMS across image circle
    Optical Window: 46mm (1.81") Ø
    Ventilation Fan
    CGE Dovetail Bar
    Integrated Filter Mount
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    1 x 42mm (1.65") T-Thread Camera Adapter

    1 x C-Thread Camera Adapter

    1 x Fan Battery Pack

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