Celestron CGX-L 1100 RASA Computerised Telescope

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The Celestron CGX-L 1100 RASA Computerised Telescope is an all-inclusive setup that sets the standard for astrophotography.


- 11-Inch RASA (Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph)

- Incredibly Sturdy CGX-L Computerised Equatorial Mount with a Heavy Duty Payload Capacity of 34kg

- Ultra-Fast & Wide-Field at f/2.2

- Constructed with 4-Element Rare-Earth Glass for Colour-Accurate Images Free of Coma & Field Curvature

- Integrated Air Cooling

- V2 Version with Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS) to Minimise Mirror Flop & Focus Shift

- Large Optimised Circle (43.3mm) to Maintain Edge-to-Edge Clarity & Pinpoint Stars

- Celestron 2 Year Warranty

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    Experience the gold-standard in astrophotography with the Celestron CGX-L 1100 RASA Computerised Telescope.

    The ultra-fast, ultra-wide Celestron CGX-L 1100 RASA Computerised Telescope is the perfect companion for serious astrophotography. Coupled with the unbelievably sturdy CGX-L mount, this all-inclusive setup is the perfect, high-quality start to astrophotography you need.


    Constructed with 4-element rare-earth glass.

    The RASA 1100 utilises a Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph optical design with 4-element rare-earth glass. As a result, images through a RASA are top-tier, free of false colour and aberrations such as coma or field curvature. The optical design ensures a remarkably small spot size and minimal vignetting - a result that is unprecedented for an astrograph in this price range.

    With a focal ratio of f/2.2 and a focal length of just 620mm, the RASA 11 V2 is incredibly fast, offering wide-field images with a large 43.3mm optimised image circle. Expect edge-to-edge clarity, even with the largest astroimaging sensors with diagonals of up to 52mm wide. This combination ensures the RASA is an optical instrument capable of creating astonishing mosaics of the night sky for astrophotography, for surveying and even for comet hunting.


    For advanced astrophotography.

    The 11-inch RASA V2 OTA of the CGX-L 1100 Computerised Telescope is a dedicated astrograph, with a number of advanced features for astrophotography. The V2 features the new Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS), named appropriately for the precision linear ball bearing at the heart of the system. During focusing, USFS minimises unwanted lateral motion of the primary mirror (focus shift). When the telescope is pointed at different positions in the sky, the USFS bearing limits movement of the primary mirror (mirror flop). The RASA 1100 V2 OTA is also compatible with the Celestron Focus Motor for electronic focusing (no retrofit kit needed).

    The 1100 RASA V2 also features a 12V DC MagLev fan to provide optimal airflow and reduce cooldown time. The OTA is dust-filtered with vents and mesh filters to prevent dust ingress.

    Every component of the 11 Rowe-Ackermann V2 OTA is hand-picked by Celestron for optimal performance with both DSLRs and astronomical CCD cameras. From the thickness of the glass or the Dovetail CGE bars on the OTA, the 1100 RASA Optical Tube Assembly is the epitome of optical excellence.


    With the incredibly rigid CGX-L Computerised Equatorial Mount.

    With the CGX-L 1100 RASA Computerised Telescope, you're not only purchasing high-quality optics - you're also getting a high-quality mount. With a payload capacity of over 34kg, the CGX-L EQ Mount is remarkably sturdy. Since the 1100 RASA V2 OTA weighs just 19.5 kg, this gives you almost 15kg of additional payload to work with for the rest of your imaging train. With the CGX-L, experience exceptionally accurate tracking under heavy load in a form factor that remains relatively compact and doesn't break the bank.

    But there's more to the CGX-L Mount than just its high payload capacity. Experience some of the best mechanical features and technological advancements in the industry with the CGX-L, such as:

    - Smooth & Accurate Operation Under Heavy Load with Larger 144mm Diameter Spring-Loaded Brass Worm Wheels & Stainless Steel Worm Gear

    - Easier Polar Alignment Adjustments

    - Support for Larger OTAs with a Longer 2700m Dovetail Saddle

    - Remote-Operable with Features such as Home and Limit Optical Sensors

    - Improved Cable Management

    - Access to Celestron PWI (CPWI) Telescope Control Software

    - Adjustable EQ Head Position for Optimal Center of Gravity and an Increased 3°-65° Latitude Range

    - Supports Add-On Accessories such as StarSense AutoAlign


    Optics Central is an Authorised Retailer of Celestron. The Celestron CGX-L 1100 RASA Computerised Telescope is backed by the Celestron 2 Year Warranty.


    Full Specifications

    Optical Tube Assembly (OTA)
    Optical Design Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA)
    Aperture 279mm (11-inches)
    Focal Length 620mm (24.4-inches)
    Focal Ratio f/2.2
    Central Obstruction Diameter 114mm (4.48")
    41% of Aperture Diameter
    Light Gathering Power (Compared to Human Eye) 1588x
    Resolution (Rayleigh) 0.49 Arc Seconds
    Resolution (Dawes) 0.41 Arc Seconds
    Image Circle 43.3mm (1.7") Ø , 4.0°
    Useable Field 52mm (2.04") Ø , 4.8° (only minimal performance loss at edge of FOV)
    Wavelength Range 400 - 700nm
    Spot Size < 4.4 μm RMS across FOV
    Off-Axis Illumination 83% at 21mm (0.82") Off-Axis
    Optical Window 68mm (2.67") Ø
    Back Focus with Included Camera Adapter 55mm (2.16")
    Back Focus from Top of Threaded Collar 72.8mm (2.86")
    Optical Tube Construction Aluminium
    Optical Coatings StarBright XLT
    Optical Tube Length 838.2mm (33")
    Optical Tube Diameter 330.2mm (13")
    Optical Tube Weight 19.5kg
    Focuser Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS)
    Ventilation Fan Yes
    Dual Dovetail Mounting Bars Yes
    Dovetail CGE Dovetail Bar
    Warranty Celestron 2-Year Warranty
    Computerised Mount
    Mount Type Computerised Equatorial
    Payload Capacity 34kg (75 lbs)
    Tripod Material Stainless Steel
    Height Adjustment Range (Including Mount and Tripod) 1524 - 1955.8mm (60 - 77")
    Equatorial Height Alone 609.6mm (24")
    Tripod Leg Diameter 69.85mm (2.75")
    Tripod Weight 21kg
    Accessory Tray Yes
    Latitude Adjustment Range 3° - 65°
    Mount Head Weight 23.8g (52.6 lbs)
    Weight of Counterweights 2 x 10kg (2 x 22 lbs)
    Slew Speeds 9 Slew Speds (Max Speed 3° / Second)
    Tracking Rates Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
    Tracking Modes EQ North, EQ South
    GPS N/A
    Dovetail Compatibility Dual Saddle Plates (CG-5 & CGE Saddle)
    Auxiliary Ports 4 Aux Ports
    Autoguide Port Yes
    USB Port Yes (Hand Controller Input & Mount Output)
    Power Reqiurements 12 DC 3 Amps
    Motor Drive DC Servo Motors
    Alignment Procedures 2-Star Align, 1-Star Align, Solar System Align, Last Alignment, Quick Align
    Periodic Error Correction Yes
    Computerised Hand Controller Double Line, 18 Character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 Fiber Optic Backlit LED Buttons and USB 2.0 Port for PC Connection
    NexStar+ Database 40,000+ Objects with 100 User Defined Programmable Objects and Enhanced Information on Over 200 Objects
    Software CPWI Telescope Control Software, Celestron Starry Night Special Edition Software, SkyPortal App
    Total Kit Weight 84.2kg (185.8 lbs)
    Warranty Celestron 2 Year Warranty


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    About Celestron

    Imagine a humble beginning – a 6-inch reflector telescope crafted by Tom Johnson for his young son. This was the spark that ignited a transformative journey. As time passed, his designs evolved into larger, more sophisticated scopes. Today, Celestron shines as an industry trailblazer, renowned for crafting precision optical equipment. From computerised marvels to traditional telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and more, Celestron's portfolio is a universe of possibilities. With a legacy spanning over 50 illustrious years, Celestron has earned admiration from both avid hobbyists and dedicated astronomers worldwide. But they don't rest on their laurels; innovation propels them forward. They constantly broaden their product horizons while illuminating minds through global science education initiatives. Celestron's story is one of innovation, evolution and a passion for the cosmos. Join them on this extraordinary journey of discovery and inspiration.

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    More Information
    Optical DesignRowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA)
    Aperture279mm (11")
    Focal Length620mm (24.4")
    Focal Ratiof/2.2
    Mount TypeGerman Equatorial CGX-L
    Dovetail TypeCelestron CGE Mount
    Electronic Hand ControlYes
    Motor DriveYes
    Warranty InformationCelestron 2 Year Warranty
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    1 x CGX-L Equatorial Head
    1 x CGX-L Tripod
    1 x Accessory Tray
    2 x 22 lb counterweight
    1 x NexStar+ Hand Control
    1 x DC Power Cable (item# 18769)
    1 x Counterweight Shaft
    1 x Hand Control Holster
    1 x 8mm Allen Wrench (Contained in Rear Carry Handle)