Celestron Dew Shield DX for 6 & 8-Inch OTAs

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Protect your Schmidt-Cassegrain / EdgeHD / RASA Telescope from dew with the Celestron Dew Shield DX for 6 & 8-Inch OTAs.


- Custom Fit For 6" & 8" OTAs

- Prevents Dew & Condensation Formation on SCT / EdgeHD / RASA Corrector Lenses

- Felt-Lined Interior Captures Moisture & Reduces Stray Light for Optimal Constrast

- Rolls Up for Quick & Easy Transport

- Celestron 2 Year Warranty

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    Protect your Schmidt-Cassegrain / EdgeHD / RASA Telescope from dew with the Celestron Dew Shield DX for 6" & 8" OTAs.

    The Celestron Dew Shield DX for 6" & 8" OTAs is essential for users of compatible SCT, EdgeHD & RASA Telescopes.

    The Celestron Dew Shield protects the corrector lens in your telescope's OTA, preventing dew and condensation from forming. The Dew Shield also improves contrast, with a felt-lined interior blocking stray light while simultaneously capturing moisture. And with a large dovetail cutout, the Dew Shield DX accomodates 4" wide dovetail rails and deeper.

    This Dew Shield is specially made for Celestron C6 & C8 OTAs. Please see below for the full compatibility list.



    - 6" & 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) OTAs

    - 6" & 8" EdgeHD OTAs

    - 6" & 8" Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) OTAs with a Single Dovetail



    Material Polyethelene (PE)
    Weight 0.45kg
    Dimensions 330.2 x 797.56 x 3.556 mm
    Warranty Celestron 2 Year Warranty


    About Celestron

    Imagine a humble beginning – a 6-inch reflector telescope crafted by Tom Johnson for his young son. This was the spark that ignited a transformative journey. As time passed, his designs evolved into larger, more sophisticated scopes. Today, Celestron shines as an industry trailblazer, renowned for crafting precision optical equipment. From computerised marvels to traditional telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and more, Celestron's portfolio is a universe of possibilities. With a legacy spanning over 50 illustrious years, Celestron has earned admiration from both avid hobbyists and dedicated astronomers worldwide. But they don't rest on their laurels; innovation propels them forward. They constantly broaden their product horizons while illuminating minds through global science education initiatives. Celestron's story is one of innovation, evolution and a passion for the cosmos. Join them on this extraordinary journey of discovery and inspiration.

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