Celestron Reducer Lens .7x for EdgeHD 925

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    Increase your field of view by 43% and take photographs faster than ever before with The Celestron EdgeHD Reducer Lens .7X. This powerful reducer lens is used to flatten the field seen through you telescope enabling you to capture a wider field of view through your eyepiece.

    The 4-Element lens design maintains the flat-field performance present in the Celestron Edge HD Telescope. There is no loss in resolution when using your CCD cameras, as the Edge HD reducer lens maintains back focus at f/10. This results in your telescope speed being one full F-stop above f/10, reducing your exposure time by half, allowing you to take photos twice as fast without any loss of brightness.

    The Celestron EdgeHD Reducer Lens features an extra-low dispersion, exotic Lanthanum glass element which minimizes any Chromatic Aberration and displays true colour correction. All air to glass surfaces within the lens is fully multicoated and the edges have been blacked, reducing any light reflection and producing brighter and clear images reproduction.

    With CNC machine precision optical alignment and durable aluminium housing, the 3.25" thread allows you mount the lens directly on the optical tube of an EdgeHD telescope.

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