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Celestron UHC/LPR 1.25" Filter

SKU: CLS-94123

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The Celestron UHC/LPR 1.25" Filter are designed with advanced coatings that allow 97% transmission while significantly reducing wavelengths associated with artificial light and light pollution from coming through.

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The Celestron Ultra High Contrast (ULC) LPR filter is designed to improve contrast of the night sky and effectively reduce light pollution from distorting your views. The advanced light pollution reduction filter coating allows for over 97% transmission across the bandpass while specifically blocking unwanted wavelengths associated with artificial light and unwanted natural light (eg. sky glow, mercury vapour, both high and low pressure sodium vapour lights).

This new filter has improved contrast over the typical broadband filters. You will see a darker sky background with noticeably improved contrast of emission nebulae. This is the perfect filter for viewing nebula from light polluted skies, or for boosting the contrast of nebula from dark sky sites!

The high transmission, sharp cutoffs, and more moderate 60nm passband of the UHC/LPR filter retains a more natural view, yet significantly boosts overall image brightness and contrast. Astrophotgraphers  will appreciate the broader bandpass and inclusion of an extremely efficient H-Alpha passband (656nm). Users of smaller (4"-11") telescopes will especially appreciate the high efficiency, and larger scope users will love the rich star fields and detailed subtle nebular shadings that are left intact.

Apart from its optimum spectral and optical characteristics, the filter also features multi-layer dielectric coatings that are plasma assisted and Ionbeam hardened using the latest technology for durability and resistance to scratching.

Available in 1.25" and 2" sizes.

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