Dwarf II Smart Telescope - Deluxe Edition

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Are you an aspiring astronomer, a birdwatcher, a wildlife enthusiast with a passion for photography, or simply someone who loves capturing distant events?

Look no further than DWARF II, the solution to all your needs.

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    Introducing DWARF II - the ultimate portable intelligent digital telescope that uses the mobile application DWARFLAB.

    DWARF II represents a portable and intelligent telescope equipped with dual cameras and powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI). With this remarkable device, you can capture stunning images of deep-sky objects, galaxies, and nebulae.

    You can enjoy the privilege of recording mesmerising videos of birds and animals, regardless of whether it's day or night.

    Seamless Setup and Control Through Your Mobile Application

    By connecting your smartphone or tablet to DWARF II via WiFi, you gain wireless control over this telescope using the DWARFLAB App, available for both Android and iOS devices.

    Please ensure that your phone or tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 5GHz connectivity.

    Dual Camera System for Unparalleled Viewing Experiences

    Equipped with two distinct cameras, DWARF II offers an extraordinary visual journey. The wide-angle camera allows you to capture breathtaking panoramic images or preview the expansive field of view. When you locate your desired subject within the wide-angle view, the telephoto camera seamlessly aligns itself, capturing your subject in crisp detail. The telephoto image remains consistently fixed near the center of the wide-angle image, ensuring a captivating composition.

    Effortless Auto Star Tracking and Stacking for Superb Astrophotography

    The DWARF II's design enables automatic tracking of stars, effortlessly compensating for this rotation. By adjusting its orientation along the altitude and azimuth, DWARF II ensures that field rotation does not impact image quality. Consequently, you can capture stunning deep-sky objects with extended exposure times. After multiple exposures, DWARF II seamlessly combines the images into a vivid and crystal-clear masterpiece through its advanced stacking algorithm.

    State-of-the-Art AI Object Recognition and Tracking

    Whether your focus lies on observing birds or sports photography, DWARF II's neural network processing unit (NPU) excels in automatically recognising and tracking the movement of your selected subject. Should the action slow down, a single click is all it takes to zoom in and closely examine the details. Our panoramic and telephoto lenses operate in perfect harmony, and our user-friendly app empowers you to switch between them effortlessly.

    Weighing at only 1.2 kg, DWARF II is your trusty companion, ready to join you on any adventure. Whether it's backyard stargazing, camping trips, or living the RV lifestyle, DWARF II's custom-padded bag ensures convenient and safe transportation.

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    Product FlagNew
    Focal Length100mm
    Focal Ratiof4.2 telephoto lens, f2.4 wide lens
    Mount TypeAlt-Azimuth mount
    Electronic Hand ControlNo
    Motor DriveNo
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    DWARF II telescope x 1

    Carry bag x 1

    Replaceable & rechargeable battery x 1 (inside DWARF II)

    64GB microSD card x 1

    Mini tripod x 1

    Replaceable & rechargeable battery x 1 (inside the carrying bag)

    UHC filter x 1

    ND solar filter x 2

    Filter adapter x 1

    What kind of telescope is DWARF II? Why is it different from the telescopes I've seen?

    The shape of the DWARF II is special. Because we use a periscope structure to lower the centre of its gravity and enhance its stability, this structure makes DWARF II look different from other telescopes.


    How does DWARF II take deep-space photos?

    It consists of the following three steps:
    1) Automatic calibration. DWARF II will automatically shoot 3 images of the sky, and based on these 3 images, the current attitude, tilt, and orientation of the DWARF II can be calculated.
    2) GOTO. DWARF II integrates the star atlas, confirming the star to be observed, and it can read the coordinates of the star and point it directly.
    3) Tracking. The trajectory of each star in the star atlas has been solved in DWARF II, allowing the star can be automatically tracked.


    What deep-space photos can DWARF II Shoot?

    Based on the parameters of the camera, DWARF II is suitable for the DSOs whose angular size is above 15 arc minutes and the apparent magnitude is below 9, such as NGC2264, NGC5128, NGC6960, NGC1499, M6, M7, M8, M16, M17, M20, M41, M42, M44, M45, M81, M101, IC4604. As long as the cumulative exposure time is long enough and the sky tracking is stable, the weak signals of the nebula can be accumulated, and a variety of nebulae can be photographed.


    Does DWARF II support RAW format shooting?

    Yes, DWARF II supports TIFF RAW format.