Easter Egg Hunt

Follow the hints below to locate all 5 eggs! 


I am a reflector telescope designed for beginners to explore wonders in the dark sky. I also come with a motor drive to aid in tracking sky objects. I also sit on an Equatorial Mount.


I have a huge 8" diameter tube. I am one of the simplest telescopes available that help you observe sky objects and have always been a favourite amongst amateurs as well as serious astronomers.


Bring me bird watching, bring me travelling. I am a small 10x25 compact binocular that fits well into your pocket whenever you need me.


I display accuracy in distance, slope measurement and degree of angle to help golfers improve their game. Moreover, I am a new product and will deliver a short vibration when the laser locks onto the flag, confirming the exact distance needed.


I am the perfect get-together family activity. I am bundled with eye pieces, moon filter, Skyx Firstlight Edition Planetarium Software, finderscope and bracket; everything you need to get you and your family started on a stargazing journey!


How to play:

  1. Hunt for all 5 Easter eggs with the hints above.
  2. Once you found an egg, copy and paste the page' url into the contest form here. Deadline: 30th March 2013.
  3. When all 5 eggs are found, you will automatically be in the running to win a Bushnell Powerview 10x25 Binoculars
  4. Now sit back, relax and have some chocolate! We will notify you the winner of the contest.


Thank you for playing and good luck!

*This contest is open to Australian Residents only