Get the Saxon 1149EQ2 Aluminium Tripod For Only $2 More!

For limited time only, get the upgraded version of the saxon 1149EQ2 for only $2 more!

1149EQ Reflector Telescope + $2 = 1149EQ2 Reflector Telescope w/ Aluminium tripod


Everything you need, packed neatly in a box, ready for a perfect night of observations:

The 1149EQ Reflector Family is a series of great "serious beginner" telescopes. They are perfect either as a telescope for kids to graduate to from a simpler one, or a first telescope for an enthusiastic and already-knowledgeable beginner.

The telescopes have a generous 4 and a half inch aperture, catching a lot of light for bright and clear visuals. It comes with three eyepieces (4mm, 10mm and 25mm), so you have options for high magnification, wide-field viewing, or an in-between alternative! 

The high magnification 4mm eyepiece will give you views of the larger planets, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as close-up views of craters on the Moon. At the other end of the scale, the wide-field 25mm eyepiece is good for the bright nebulas, Orion and Carina.

You can even try your hand at terrestrial viewing (such as whale or boat watching) as the telescopes comes with a handy erecting lens.


Why pay an extra $2:

The 1149EQ2 with Aluminium Tripod comes equipped with a much sturdier mount over its little sister (1149EQ), which gives you:

  • A larger mount head with greater stability 
  • Greater payload capacity so it can easily take additional weight (such as a camera so you can photograph the Moon or the larger planets)
  • Stable 3 kg counterweights which makes the telescope much less prone to vibration

Meet the 1149EQ family:



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