Guide TD421 Thermal Monocular

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384×288 pixel, 12μm sesnor 

NETD <35mK

1000m detection range 

AMOLED display 

5 colour palettes 

10 hour battery life 

IP66 protected

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    Tiny yet powerful

    The Guide TD421 thermal monocular is a lightweight, easy to use night vision device perfect for exploring the outdoors. Weighing only 325 grams, the TD421 comes with a 328x288 pixel at 12μm sensor which generate high quality and high contrast images, detailing identifiable images of target objects, simplifying object detection. Likewise, the NETD <35mK allows the sensor to pick up even the tiniest of heat signatures in tough weather conditions such as heavy rain or dense fog. This thermal night vision device is great for camping, wildlife detection, outdoor adventures, security and search and rescue operations. 


    AMOLED display 

    Upgraded 600x400 AMOLED display for high contrast images.

    New user interface 

    Simplified user interface with iconized operation. 

    5 colour palettes

    Choose between 5 different colour palettes to get the best possible image of the target depending on viewing conditions. 

    TargetIR App

    Have the ability to stream images and videos on to your smartphone through the WiFi enabled app. 

    Battery life

    Enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous use. 


    TargetIR App

    TargetIR App


    Stream HD photos and videos from your Guide Sensmart device direct to your smartphone through WiFi integration. This app has the ability to remotely access the image bank of Guide devices and share content in real time on other applications.


    About Guide IR

    Established in 2016, Guide Sensmart is an up and coming R&D and manufacturer company of night vision devices who utilise their cutting-edge thermal firmware to create a wide variety of night vision products. Their products range from thermal monoculars, binoculars and scopes which are used for hunting, law enforcement and outdoor applications, to thermal surveillance cameras used for security and high-performance thermal cameras that are used for thermography, smart manufacturing and intelligent farming purposes. With an emphasis on integrity and environmental responsibility, Guide delivers innovative thermal and night vision products that enhance the everyday lives of people. 

    Product Code: GUI-TIGUI032

    More Information
    SensorUncooled VOx Infrared Detector
    Sensor Resolution 384×288
    Pixel Interval12 μm
    Field of View 10.4°×7.9°
    Detection Range1000m
    Battery TypeSingle, replaceable 18650 battery
    Display Type640x400 AMOLED
    Water ResistanceYes
    PalettesBlack Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Iron Red, Blue Hot
    Battery Operating Time10 hours continuous (CVBS and Wi-Fi Hot Spot Off at 25 °C)
    Video OutputDigital Video
    Dimensions (L x W x H)150mm x 45mm x 74mm
    IR IlluminatorNo
    Head Gear AdaptableNo
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