saxon Microscope Immersion Oil

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Observe minute details under your microscope with greater clarity with the highly refractive Saxon Microscope Immersion Oil.

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    Immersion Oil is used in light microscopy to increase the resolving power of the microscope. This enables you to observe minute details of your specimen with enhanced clarity by immersing your oil objective and your specimen in high refractive immersion oil.

    The Saxon Microscope Immersion Oil is a great choice if you're looking for immerison oil to improve the clarity of your microscope.


    Saxon - High Quality Optics

    The Saxon brand commits to quality and research. The company develops a range of binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and accessories with the understanding of its user’s priorities and needs. Saxon has built each product around the knowledge that everyone’s viewing requirements are different, proven through each precise and well though out product line. Browse a range of Saxon optical products and you'll find that every glass has been designed to help every viewer see only the best in every situation.

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