Institutional & Corporate Sales

Shopping for a business, institution, or government agency? Our team of experienced and knowledgable customer service staff can offer personalised advice and quotations to meet your organisation's needs.  

Schools and businesses

Schools and Businesses
We offer offline payments to businesses who may require us to open an account to process orders. We can issue an invoice upon receipt of your purchase order and make payment 
*Educational discounts apply. If you are a teacher or a rep from a school, please contact us for a quote on Telescopes, Binoculars, Cameras or any of our imaging accessories. 

Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales 
Your company may be looking for a premium or gift to purchase in bulk for an event. Some of our products can be bulk purchased (15 or more) at discounted rates. Please contact us for more details or to get a quote. 

Astronomy Clubs

Astronomy Society
Are a member of an astronomical society seeking to purchase some telescopes or binoculars for your club or for some members in the club? Feel free to speak to OpticsCentral to discuss a packaged discount. 

Step 1 - Contact Us

Got a list of requirements but don't know where to start? Send them through to our Customer Service team and we can offer recommendations that matchs your needs for your approval. When in doubt, contact us!

Step 2 - Send Purchase Order

Happy with the recommendations? Send a Purchase Order to and we will issue a Proforma invoice for payment. 

Step 3 - Payment & Delivery

We will ship out your order following payment. Simply wait for your order to arrive!

 If you would like to discuss it with us, contact us here!

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