Kowa Genesis 10.5x44 XD Binoculars

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    For navigators, hunters and birdwatchers who want to clear images of objects far away, the Kowa Genesis 10.5x44 DF ED Binoculars will not only get the job done, it will impress with no bounds.The Kowa Genesis 10.5x44 DF ED Binoculars features a powerful 10.5 times magnification and a wide 44mm objective lens that ensures that you can track your target with clarity. These binoculars also incorporate PROMINAR lenses with 2 sets of XD lenses which helps eliminate chromatic aberration so discolouration and blurriness will become a thing of the past!

    "PROMINAR" XD Lenses

    The "PROMINAR" XD Lenses combined with a concave lens possessing special dispersion properties dramatically reduces the possibility of chromatic aberration. This ensures that discolouration, graininess or blurriness is an issue of the past! The lens are also coated with C3 coating which is build to enhance the prism reflection rate. Ultimately this technology optimises the amount of light gathered so that you attain a brighter and clearer field of view.


    All lenses have multilayer coating so you that you attain a wider field of view


    • Waterproof
    • 10.5x Magnification
    • Rubber Armoured
    • 10 Year Warranty
    • Nitrogen Filled
    • XD Lens


    One of the major causes of deterioration of viewing quality in optics is chromatic aberration (colour blur). Chromatic aberration occurs due to the dispersion of light and the different wavelengths of light focusing on different positions, resulting in a red or purple fringing around the image. The optimum optical material to minimise chromatic aberration is fluorite crystal.

    A fluorite crystal with extremely low dispersion characteristics is used for the convex lens of the KWA-G8544/G10544 PROMINAR models. In place of an ordinary optical glass lens, the concave lens paired with the fluorite crystal lens is made of glass with special dispersion properties to reduce the chromatic aberration to a further degree.

    This combination of fluorite crystal and glass with special dispersion properties nearly eliminates chromatic aberration and redefines the standards of colour brilliance.

    This technology is the result of many years of optical design and has realised great reduction in chromatic aberration, while maintaining a large diameter lens and high contrast images when compared with conventional models.

    The XD lens used in the KWA-G8544/G10544 PROMINAR models has characteristics similar to those of fluorite crystal to significantly reduce the chromatic aberration. All lenses are environmentally friendly Eco-Glass. (Eco-Glass is an environmentally friendly glass that does not contain lead or other harmful substances.)

    More Information
    Magnification 10 times
    Aperture 44
    Prism Type Roof
    Prism Glass Quality BaK-4
    Waterproof Yes
    Fogproof Yes
    Field of View 122.3/1000M
    Eye Relief 18.3mm
    Binoculars Weight .940
    Warranty Information 10 years
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