Leica Rangemaster Tripod Adapter

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Precision meets versatility in the Leica Tripod Adapter, thoughtfully designed to complement the exceptional capabilities of Leica's Rangemaster CRF laser rangefinders. This adapter boasts an ingenious blend of functionality and compatibility, catering to the needs of photographers, videographers, and field enthusiasts.

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    Elevate Your Rangefinder Experience with the Leica Tripod Adapter

    With dual mounting options, featuring both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounts, the Leica Tripod Adapter seamlessly integrates into a wide range of photo, video, and field tripods. Attaching your rangefinder has never been easier, allowing you to maintain stability and accuracy in any environment.

    Installing your rangefinder into the adapter is a breeze, thanks to the secure thumbscrew mechanism. Once in place, your rangefinder is snugly held, eliminating any worries during use or transport. To safeguard the surface of your valuable rangefinder, the adapter is thoughtfully padded, preventing unsightly scratches and maintaining its pristine condition.

    Whether you're at the shooting range, a concealed hunting blind, or exploring the great outdoors, the Leica Tripod Adapter empowers you with the freedom of having both hands available when you need them most. So, whether your hands are occupied with binoculars, a trusty shotgun, or a reliable rifle, this accessory ensures your rangefinder is always within reach, ready to deliver the precision and performance you expect from Leica. 


    Leica Camera AG - Sport Optics

    Leica Camera AG has remained at the forefront of premium Cameras and Sport Optics Industry since its roots in the early 1910s. With over a century of operation and continuous dedication to leading groundbreaking research and design, Leica has cemented its household name with distinctive discoveries that are unmatched by any competitor - such as the innovative Uppendahl prism system, internal baffle system that minimises stray light and HighLux System that maximises light transmission. From the highly acclaimed Leica Televid Spotting Scopes, Leica Ultravids Binoculars, Trinovids Binoculars and its history of tough, vigorous research, testing and quality control until it reaches your hand, Leica becomes more than a product, but an unwavering pursuit for perfection. 

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