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Meade LX600 ACF 12" F/8 with StarLock

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The Meade LX600 ACF 12" brings observatory class tracking and photography to the general public. With Ultra-High Transmission Coatings, Crayford Focuser, Starlock automatic guider and the famed AutoStar II GOTO System, this is a telescope with a mount that is professional through and through. With a 12" aperture and a focal length of 2438mm this is one of the most well known and reputable astrophotography telescopes on the planet.

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  • 12" f/8 ACF Optics - 2438mm focal length
  • Meade Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC)
  • Crayford Focuser
  • StarLock automatic guider
  • AutoStar II GOTO system
  • Heavy-duty Giant Field tripod
  • 26mm Super Plossl eyepiece Included

The LX600 with StarLock

Meade's LX600 Series is the perfect companion for deep-sky observers and astrophotographers. Boasting features such as Advanced Coma-Free Optics, StarLock guidance and Autostar II, the LX600 scopes are overwhelmingly jam-packed with advanced technology that simplifies and optimises astronomical viewing while making it completely user-friendly and easy to use straight out of the box. With precise tracking of one arc second, Meade's ACF optics which brings research-grade optics to the general public, and a fully automated guiding system, you can be assured that they a world-leading and revolutionary piece of optical technology that will be unbeatable in functionality and quality for years to come. 

Advanced Coma-Free

The LX600 series takes advantage of Meade's Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics which puts a professional optical system within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Nearly every observatory reflector in the world uses a coma-free optical system like the Ritchey-Chrétien (RC), including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Now you can own optics similar to what the professionals use.

With Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) for maximum image brightness and contrast and a redesigned mirror mounting system that will achieve zero image shift. It also includes an internal Crayford style focuser with two speed, 7:1 reduction control that allows for quick and easy adjustments.

The super fast system produces a wider, flatter field with no coma for pinpoint stars out to the edge of larger imaging sensors and extreme wide angle eyepieces. All of which is greatly desired by discerning amateur astronomers, astro-photographers and professional observatories alike. This patented system also reduces the astigmatism and eliminates diffraction spikes found in classical RC designs.


Aligning your scope is a chore for most observers but is unfortunately an absolute neccessity if you wish to observe for longer periods of time. With the revoluntary StarLock technology, this is no longer your concern. The scope will automatically find and track the object so you only need to focus on the enjoyable aspects of astronomical viewing. StarLock achieves this by using an 80mm f/5 optic and two camera sensor system to provide computer assisted polar alignment using the drift method. Once aligned, StarLock will continue to do its job on its own - it will guide the mount in real time and automatically program periodic error correction, leaving you with incredibly precise tracking (up to 1 arcsecond) and and with the capability of guiding stars as faint as 11th magnitude.

Heavy Duty Mount

The standards put forth by Meade for high-quality, no cut-corners materials are evidently exceptionally high to say the least. The LX600 mount is perfectly crafted out of machined stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum for an overwhelmingly generous 90lb payload capacity and impeccable smooth movement and precise tracking of one arc minute. The mounts also incorporates precision roller bearings on each axis, a 1.75 stainless steel RA shaft, 5.8" main gears, fine manual adjustment controls on both axis, illuminated reticle output port. The requirements for the mount to withstand such demands is monsterous and surprisingly met. The mount's main body weighs 55 pounds and the two stainless counterweights weigh 26lb each. The mount also comes with a fully height adjustable (29 to 45") tripod with massive 3" diameter legs for rock steady performance. The tripod weighs 36 pounds. 

High Quality Accessories

The LX600 Series comes fully equipped with a Meade 1.25" diagonal prism, Meade 26mm Super Plossl eyepiece, and 8x50 viewfinder with quick release bracket.

Product carries full three year Australian warranty.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Eyepiece 1 26mm
Eyepiece 2 No
Finderscope Make 8x50
Electronic Hand Control Yes
Motor Drive Yes
Focal Ratio f/8.0
Focal Length 2438mm
Mount Type German Equatorial
Aperture 12"
Tube Length No
Highest Magnification 610x
Warranty Information 3 Year Australian Warranty
Additional Specifications of Product No