Microscope Servicing - Routine Servicing, Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs


Microscope Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

Does Your Microscope Need a Service?

Like any other optical instrument, Microscopes require servicing and regular maintenance at least once every one to two years. Taking proper care of your microscope by having it maintained, cleaned or repaired will ensure its longevity so that your images remain detail-rich and high-contrast. Without routine maintenance, you risk delaying essential repairs, which can quickly become costly. For example, microscopes have fragile components that, if neglected for an extended period of time, may even corrode.

You might also observe the accumulation of dust and other debris over time, which causes hazy images and optical aberrations that reduce image clarity. In addition, dust can easily cause permanent scratching if not cleaned regularly, resulting in an inaccurate and flawed analysis of any specimens under your microscope.

Having your microscope serviced or repaired by a NATA Accredited Repairer will ensure that it maintains optical performance for years to come, and will help to uncover any hidden issues that may prevent your images from reaching optimal clarity.


Why Service at Optics Central?

Optics Central is Optics Australia's Superstore and an authorised retailer of some of the largest optical brands such as Leica Camera, Carl Zeiss AG, AmScope, Kowa, Motic, Optex & More.

We're located in Mitcham, VIC 3132 with a telescope service centre. Microscope Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs are performed off-site with experienced and licensed service technicians who house extensive experience servicing laboratory equipment for hospitals, pathologies, universities and schools. Our affiliate repairer is NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) Accredited for ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration of Centrifuges and Balances. Our repairer is qualified in instrumental servicing, meeting the requirements of laboratory accreditation. Copies of reference calibration certificates for balance masses, thermometers and tachometers can be provided on request.

You can rest assured that your microscope will be in good hands!


How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Pricing starts from $500 for a routine service. Everything outside of a routine service will incur an extra fee of $200 per hour.

You will be provided with a quotation before any additional work is completed.


How Long Does a Service Take?

The turnaround time for a microscope service is generally 2-3 weeks, but please allow for additional time if any special order parts are required.


What's Included in a Routine Service?

Our routine service includes general microscope cleaning, maintenance and repairs on parts such as replacement springs and brushes. If centrifuge brushes need replacement, this may incur a spare part fee.


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