Magnifying Glasses



Do you have trouble reading the newspapers or a documents comfortably? Get Magnifying Glasses to aid your reading. Otherwise called Magnifiers, these gadgets are inexpensive, compact and extremely durable. They also come with extremely well coated optics to give you a better reading / observational experience for as long as you own your magnifying glass.


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  1. Pendant Magnifier - Rose Tint
    Pendant Magnifier - Rose Tint
    OUR PRICE $69.95
  2. Pendant Magnifier - Amber tint
    Pendant Magnifier - Amber Tint
    OUR PRICE $69.95
  3. Pendant Magnifier - Aqua Tint
    Pendant Magnifier - Aqua Tint
    OUR PRICE $69.95
  4. saxon Linen Tester
    saxon Linen Tester
    OUR PRICE $41.95
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